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The Cycleops PowerBeam Pro with CVT features has a built-in PowerTap speed and cadence sensor. With real-time feedback on your power output, the PowerBeam Pro will even self-adjust the resistance to maintain the desired target power setting. Up to over


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[Aug 05, 2014]


Sturdy, no cheating, easy setup, quiet



Doing some careful shopping, you can pick one of these up for about $800 new, considerably below retail. That's for the version without the Jule computer, which is probably fine since you likely already have an ANT+ Garmin.

Setup with the software is straightforward. If you use Virtual Trainer software, it's a subscription plan, about the same as 3-4 race registrations. Of course, you can use the device without this, but if you want to download virtual rides or compete against others online, it's a must.

Attaching your bike is the easiest I've encountered. Two screws that click when at the right tension.

There are two most widely used modes - virtual rides where you can have video simulating the great outdoors while the trainer simulates the resistance. In theory you can use this to practice racecourses, or specific climbs. It estimates the resistance based on your reported weight and the slope, which is reproducible but not accurate. Fine for training.
The second mode is prescribed intervals and this is where the trainer really shines. This is because you. cannot. rest. If you input 300W x 5 minutes, and your cadence drops a few rpm the resistance climbs to force you to do 300W. Compared to training with a powermeter, this is much more effective to do prescribed intervals, though less realistic in terms of real world intervals.

It reads about 5% higher wattage than my CycleOps powertap as read on my . With a Joule you can supposedly modify the raw data to correct for this, but with a PC and Garmin 500, you can't. So, I just set up my intervals 5% harder than what I really want to achieve. Problem solved.

Overall, good buy and an awesome indoor training tool. Combine with a smallish wall-mounted PC and a 42" or larger TV and you will *almost* forget about the suffering... almost.

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