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The popular Elite road gets a face lift for a tougher all-season tire. Grooves through tread and diamond tread on shoulders ensures excellent performance in wet weather. Puncture proof ply and tread overlapping onto the sidewall provide excellent flat re


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[Jan 13, 2013]
Road Racer


Durability, ride quality, installation


none so far. I am waiting to see what happens when they flat - but at 9 months of riding (2000+ miles) no flats

1st I am a heavy rider 195 lbs + bike. I bought these to try out on a bit of a whim last spring (actually the 25mm version). I use clinchers for training rides and tubulars for event rides. I added Stan's sealant to the tire at installation. I paid ~ $70 ea on line. The price seems to be going a bit higher now. I am finding myself likely to ride these more and more. Even as a heavy rider I see only minimal wear starting on the rear tire after about 2000 miles while the front looks brand new, I just rotated them for the first time. 500 + of these miles were in the Rocky Mountains with some wicked descents and rough road surfaces (even gravel) without an issue. I am interested to see if the tire stays on the rim during a flat but no personal data yet. The 4 ratings are selected only because I don't know how many miles I will get out of these tires. The 23mm version seems available but the 25mm tires are a bit difficult to find. The initial investment seemed a bit high at the time but now I think the value is good trending to great. I would like to know of any other's experience with this tire as I am thinking to use them for a long ride this summer cross country and I don't want to find issues in the middle of noware, USA.

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