Hed Designs H3 Deep FR Carbon Rear wheelsets - tubular


In a sport where milliseconds account for wins and losses, HED continues to fight on your side in the battle against the clock. The H3 Deep FR Tubular Rear Wheel is the latest innovation from HED to shave seconds off of your time trial. The H3D features a 90mm rim depth, a stiff carbon layup, and unparalleled wind stability. Second in speed only to a HED disc wheel, the H3 Deep FR Tubular Rear Wheel offers an advantage to anyone who wants the performance of a disc wheel without the headache of a crosswind.The H3D FR Tubular Rear Wheel is an amalgamation of the Jet 9 Aero rim and the standard H3 FR. The H3D gives you all of the advantage of the H3 FR design and then some. For one, the aero section of the H3D FR rim is molded from a stiffer and lighter Uni fabric. There are numerous aerodynamic advantages from the 90mm rim depth, as well. As a rear wheel, the H3D is faster than any other non-disc HED wheel. So, if you specialize in a discipline that prohibits disc wheels, like triathlons, you stand to gain a monumental advantage. It has been found that the H3D works to correct yaw wind angles at the rear of the bike, giving it a distinct advantage over some discs. The H3D is extremely aerodynamic. The H3 Deep FR Tubular Rear Wheel utilizes three main components to achieve its low drag ratios: a 90mm deep rim section, airfoil section spokes, and the smooth connection points where the two join. This design has eliminated drag resistance from every angle of the wheel. The deep rim section is designed to minimize drag at shallow yaw angles, and, past 15 degrees, the shape of the airfoil spokes allow airflow passage to keep the wheel from stalling.The H3D's protection from extreme wind angles is not limited to aerodynamic measures. HED pioneered the wide rim design that dominates today's carbon wheels with what it dubbed C2 Technology. C2 Technology's goal is to reduce the occurrence of the two main drag variables: aerodynamic resistance and rolling resistance. In 2006, HED set out to correct the problems associated with fitting tires into narrower rims, problems like higher required pressure, increased rolling resistance, decreased handling, and increased drag. HED found that by making the rim edge wider, a 23mm tire would flow exceptionally well into the rim shape, and thus create a flush aerodynamic profile for optimal airflow. So C2 technology doesn't only address aerodynamics; it also reduces mechanical drag by increasing the contact patch with the road, further improving the distribution of load and lowering rolling resistance.The HED H3 Deep FR Tubular rear wheel focuses on rigidity and stability. The carbon layup, resins, and fiber orientations of the H3D are at their most advanced stages to date. When coupled with wider-is-better C2 technology, the result is a startling amount of lateral and torsional rigidity. To ice the cake, HED has also developed a 'secret weapon' it calls Stability Control Technology that effectively tames crosswind at an

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