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Benefiting from our latest improvement in rim design, the Ellipse gets a new lighter rim extrusion that makes it even more responsive while maintaining its key assets.


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[Oct 14, 2020]


These wheels are everywhere for a reason or maybe because they are the only ones mass produced at a decent price.... They look and spin great. I must have got lucky with my existing cog. I have read previous reviews complaining about french hubs but my existing cogs fit right on.


As read in other reviews, the front hubs came with some play from new which is fixable with the included tool. It might come loose again. The rear axle length is very long. Someone pointed it out to me that it might not pass scrutineering so i will need to shorten them. This might be an issue on wooden tracks as it might dig in and damage the track and risk giving riders splinters.

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[Jan 29, 2013]
Andrew McLaren
Recreational Rider


Strong, fairly aero, take a beating for road use. Flip flop rear hub allows for two different fixed cogs, or an optional single speed freewheel.


Chainline is not best suited to track frame geometry but works well with my conversion of a 126mm-spaced steel road frame. Also requires french threaded lockrings, not easy to find. A bit heavy for some riders tastes at 2060 grams.

I've owned these since they were introduced to the market, in 2005. I've used them exclusively on the road, for getting in early-season miles on a traditional, medium ratio fixed gear (currently using 46 x 19, with an 18t cog on the flip side), and for around town riding on my fixed gear 'hack' machine. I've rode up to 200 km rides on these wheels when I first got them. With this set up, I use a single front caliper brake, and let the fixed gear take care of speed control on the back. I would add a rear caliper if I had a single speed freewheel on it.

The rims are basically the same as those on the old Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels, with 20 holes. They have a milled braking surface, but are anodized black over that, which makes for lots of scruffy marks when you do use the handbrake! The spokes are flat aero section, broader and heavier than those used in most newer (since 2010) aero wheels, but look to be very strong. I have not had to true these wheels after several years use.

From reading reviews elsewhere I gather this wheel was notorious for not working with the chainline on most track bikes (107mm bottom bracket spindle), but I was able to get a good, straight line on my bike with the old Mavic threadless, adjustable BB (114mm). Also, using 3/32" sprockets with a spacer to bring them further outboard. I have yet to drop a chain, and ride these up and down moderate hills with no worries.

Another quirk of these wheels, is that they use a French-threaded lockring (or at least these, early production wheels I have, do). I got two of these from Harris Cyclery (Boston), the late great Sheldon Brown's store.

When conditions allow for high-cadence pedalling in my chosen gear, these wheels hold their momentum beautifully, and the rim profile at 30mm along with the broad spokes does cut through the air for a slight advantage. They are also very stiff, and I sense no power loss when I need to muscle them uphill at a lower rate of revs.

I am using 700 x 20c tires because I got a bunch of old stock Michelin Hi Lite bisynergic clinchers in that size. These have also been a good match, especially as I use mudguards, and these make for very good tire clearance. They are actually among the most durable tires I have used!

Bottom line: these are technically "pigs" weighing over 2000 grams, but for my purposes, they are bombproof training wheels, and when the conditions are right (flat road, favourable wind) these pigs can fly!

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Handbuilt Suntour Superbe Pro track hubs (24/24) on Mavic CXP 30 clincher rims.

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