Neuvation Cycling M28X Aero wheelsets - clincher


  • Shimano 8, 9, or 10 and all current SRAM systems.
  • Rim: Deep V 27 mm rim 19 mm wide 480 grams. 20H rear. CNC machined braking surface for smoother braking. New for 2008 is a new 6066 alloy that is stronger than previous versions.
  • Stainless Aero Pillar 4.3 spokes (made from Sandvic wire) with brass chrome plated nipples.
  • Rear Hub 315 grams uses two 6000 precision, Abec 5 level, low contact seal, cartridge bearings. The steel cassette body bolts into the hub shell and uses two sets of cup and cone bearings. This is the same Sachs design that was on most of the early Mavic wheels and is on many wheels under different brands. It's virtually bullet proof and almost silent in operation.
  • 1750 grams (weight without quick release skewers)
  • Includes skewer (57 grams)
  • Includes rim tape.
  • 700C clincher .
  • As with all Neuvation wheels, 100% hand built.


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    [Apr 27, 2012]


    During a bike tuneup my mechanic pointed out that my Mavic rims had cracks (after 8000 miles). Went searching on the internet on how to repair and found that this seems to be a well known problem and it was going to take $350 bucks to fix and weeks in turn around time. So I decided to buy a Neuvation M28X wheel set so I could ride while my wheel was repaired. Much to my surprise I found the Neuvation wheel to be more comfortable than my Mavics. Screw spending the money on fixing the Mavics!

    The Neuvation wheels while not a light ( I could have bought the R series for lighter rims) cannot be beat for the price. Shipping was fast and customer service accommodated my need for a specific delivery date. I challenge you to even reach a human at Mavic (don't even list their phone number on their web site)!

    I have to point out this is my second set of Neuvation rims. Bought another set about 3-5 years ago for my Trek and they are still going strong.

    Don't let your ego for name brands get in the way of buying these rims.


    I hate the stickers that come on the wheels and they just don't match the black on the rims. but it only took 5 minutes to remove with my daughter's hair dyer. I would suggest that Neuvation invest in making a special spoke of a different color with high quality graphics etched into the spoke. (like my red spoke on my Mavics - but pick a different color.

    Would go a long way to them building up their brand for a lot less money than trying to etch/brand the rim.

    Love my Neuvations!

    [Aug 12, 2011]


    - Cheap
    - Durable
    - Light
    - QUIET
    - Just plain sexy


    700x23 Ribmos were a pain to install...Had no problem with 700x25 rears.

    Have it for a couple weeks now. No complaints. Quiet and fast, checked for tension/true and wheel was perfect as is from the factory. Tough, durable (I weigh 240), and it stays true, much better than the bonty stock wheels and Mavic Aksiums. Paired it with some Panaracer Ribmos and I absolutely love it.

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