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[Nov 12, 2003]
Recreational Rider


Cool looks


The company itself. Oh, and also the spokes on the frick'n wheel.

My first ride on these beauties was a 30-mile spin. My buddy and I had just finished a quarter mile climb when he noticed by back rim was rubbing the brake pad on every down stroke during the climb. I figured I had the calipers adjusted too tightly , so I adjusted the caliper and off we went. After the ride, we were on the side of the road just talking, my buddy reaches down and pulls on one of my spokes on my rear wheel. The spoke was way loose. I thought the wheel had came like that and I overlooked it, being so excited to try them out. Later that week I took the wheelset to get trued and tensioned at a local bike shop. After receiving them back, I took them out on their second ride, another 30 miles, but at a faster pace. Same problem, but this time there's 4 spokes loose. twp loose spokes in the front, two in the rear. This time I had the bike shop put Lock-Tight on the spokes to keep them from coming loose. The third and last ride on these wheels was a 50-mile club ride, pretty fast, a couple good climbs, and a long, fast stretch back home. On the last stretch home(15 miles), we were moving at a good pace, and all the while I kept hearing some rattling from my bike, which I just thought was my cables or brake levers/shifters. Nope! When I got to my car, 3 broke spokes, completely broken, busted at the nipple and just rattling around in the carbon rim. I pulled the spokes out of the rim and through the hub and was amazed at the fact that the wheel didn't taco on me during the ride. The carbon rim kept its shape, almost true, but what good is that if you don't have any frick'n spokes! All this in just 3 rides and 110 miles. I sent them to Spinergy and .......Their customer service sucks! They didn't want to give me my money back. They eventually gave me a new pair of Tiliums with steel spokes, but only after 4 months of calling them and leaving e-mails -- with no reponses -- and promises,promises,promises. I'm 6 feet, 180lbs. I'm getting rid of these wheels and purchasing another pair of Rolfs. Bomb-proof.

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