100% launches Speedcraft AIR eyewear

Eyewear to help the rider breathe better

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100% SpeedCraft AIR

Revolutionary eyewear, incorporating a built-in nasal dilator, allowing riders to control nasal dilation from minimum to maximum. Photo courtesy of 100%

Just because you can’t sprint like Peter Sagan, doesn’t mean you can’t look just as fast with the new 100% Speedcraft AIR eyewear.

The new hi-tech eyewear from 100% is taking the peloton by storm with Sagan at the helm. The Speedcraft AIR incorporates a built-in nasal dilator, allowing riders to control nasal dilation with good range. Race-tested by three-time UCI Road World Champion Peter Sagan, this system is engineered to improve performance of those who can benefit from nasal dilation. Think ‘breathe-right’ strips.

100% Speedcraft AIR

TR90 frame design allows for enhanced space between lens and face to increase airflow and prevent fogging. Photo courtesy of 100%

It is the only eyewear to date to feature the patented AC Systems breathing technology, and comes with metal nose stickers to secure and properly operate the system. The nasal dilator is adjusted by rotating a small dial in the center of the lens, and the magnetic arms can be opened or closed to control nasal dilation throughout a ride-crazy but effective.

100% Speedcraft AIR

The Speedcraft AIR rests on the face comfortably. Photo courtesy of 100%

The advantages of variable nasal dilation are significant. Nose breathing filters, humidifies, and temperature controls the air you breathe better than mouth breathing. When you breathe in and out of your mouth you’re moving a lot of air and flooding your lungs with air — but not a good thing. The Speedcraft AIR aides in correct breathing, not more breathing orharder breathing.

The large shield lens offers unobstructed views and utilizes a scratch resistant Hydroilo coating, which repels oil and water.

Replaceable Strips

Replaceable stips are available from 100% aftermarket when you need it.

TR90 frame design allows for enhanced space between lens and face to increase airflow and prevent fogging. Finished with ultra-grip rubber coated temple arms, the Speedcraft AIR rests on the face comfortably and stays in place very well.

So here’s the rub on 100% Speedcraft, they look wild and have a ‘polarizing’ effect on riders’ reactions to it. Some love it and some don’t. And it’s definitely a tougher sell on the mountain bike. This new breathing dilation device a the nose bridge does nothing to help that.

But if one can get past the aesthetics, these glasses work. They perform like goggles without having all the fit and fogging issues of goggles. So if they these new nasal devices work as promised, these glasses will be an even better performer.

For more information, visit www.ride100percent.com.

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