2012 Norco Road Bike Product Launch


The 2012 Norco Product Launch is underway in Whistler BC. There are a ton of new bikes and we want you to know all the details. Here is a quick rundown of the Valence and Threshold, the latest and greatest from Norco. See New 2012 Norco Mountain Bikes from Norco on Mtbr.com

2012 Norco Valence – Endurance Road

Intended Use
The VALENCE is an endurance road bike specifically designed for riders looking to test themselves against the miles on something a bit more forgiving than a full-fledged race bike. The refined geometry, for a more comfortable, upright riding position and a strategically compliant ride, makes long rides on the VALENCE an easy undertaking. It’s a perfect combination built for riders to take on a weekend century, GranFondo or fundraising rides like the Ride to Conquer Cancer, all in comfort but without giving up any performance along the way.

The Valence Story
Not everyone finds the experience of riding a full-out road racing machine to his or her tastes. Many people, though, don’t want to sacrifice performance. It’s a common conundrum, but what if you didn’t have to sacrifice anything? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Then you would be riding the VALENCE. If you are new or returning to the sport of road riding, but not sure you want to go for a full road race machine, then this bike is just for you.

A little more comfortable, the VALENCE features a taller head tube than its peers for a slightly more upright riding position. A strategically supple ride that is stiff in just the right places ensures proper power transfer from the pedals while allowing riders to remain comfortable on any road. And advanced carbon technology and manufacturing techniques have created a strong, durable frame specifically designed for longer rides.

When you combine the refined, dynamic ride of the frame with the carefully selected component spec, you’ll find a bicycle that is nononsense, uncompromising road machine with a soft side. It’s super-efficient with incredible steering precision while keeping the rider pain-free and moving forward, kilometre after kilometre. If you are ready to test yourself or endeavor a new challenge then this bicycle was designed to deliver a positive valence on every ride you take.

Frame Tech and Design
The 2012 Norco carbon frames use an Ethyl Polystyrene (EPS) mandrel system that produces an incredibly smooth, controlled inner surface at complicated, high-stress areas like the head tube and BB junctions. This process eliminates the chance of wrinkling in the layup in these areas of the frame, thus greatly improving the strength compared to conventional carbon layup processes.

The High Toughness Resin is used in all 2012 Norco carbon frames. HTR resin increases the impact resistance of the carbon by 20%,
making stronger frames that are more resistant to damage. And because less resin is required during the carbon layup process, it decreases the overall weight of the frame.

The 2012 VALENCE frames use a thermoplastic mesh laminate in key stress areas inside the frame. This smoothes out the carbon layering and disperses stress forces, preventing the propagation of small cracks. This new mesh system is designed to work in conjunction with the EPS process.

Tapered head tube: This is a huge step forward in bicycle design that allows for three major benefits, all making the bike more responsive, stronger and more exciting to ride.

  • This design allows for larger tubing at the front end – where the head tube meets the top and down tubes – making it stiffer and
    more resistant to side loading, ensuring precise steering and bicycle control.
  • It allows the fork to be built both stronger and stiffer with no weight penalty. Increased strength means less flex and more precision with no downsides.
  • The bearings in the lower headset cup are oversized, allowing them to be stronger, smoother and longer lasting.

Frame Tech and Design

  • BB30 bottom bracket: Oversized, stiff and lightweight. Keeps bike weight down while allowing for a very stiff bottom bracket area –key for effective power transfer from pedals.
  • High-modulus carbon fibre frame/fork throughout
  • Carbon dropouts: Lightweight and stiff, carbon dropouts ensure nimble yet stable performance.
  • Carbon molded headset: Keeping things lightweight yet stiff mean that the bicycle is responsive and agile.
  • Endurance geometry: Increasing the headtube length places the rider in a more upright and comfortable position.
  • Slightly longer chainstays and fork offset increase the bicycle’s overall stability. Lending to the endurance nature of the Valence, this allows riders to embark on longer rides while staying comfortable kilometer after kilometer.
  • Curved seat stays for a compliant ride: Custom-shaped to provide direct power transfer from the pedals while ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Full fender compatibility: Ride year round, day in and day out, rain or shine.
  • Larger tire clearance: Up to 28c, so you can choose the perfect tire for your ride, no matter where it might take you.


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