2014 Bike Lights Shootout

Lights Lights Shootout

The 2014 Bike Lights Shootout is here! The batteries are charged and the lux meter and lumisphere are ready. We’ve been riding these lights for the last few weeks and the progress in LED technology is dramatic once again.

The three sections of this test are:

1. Tunnel Beam Pattern Shots – Compare all the beam patterns side by side.
2. Integrating Sphere Lumen Measurements – View actual measured Lumens of each light
3. Individual Reviews Below – Click on each light below to read the editorial and user reviews.

Video: Best 700 Lumen lights.

The graph above (click to view larger) shows the Manufacturer’s Claimed Lumens vs. Measured Lumens by Mtbr in a laboratory. The blue bars are Claimed Lumens and red are Actual Measured Lumens.

Video: Best 1200 Lumen lights

The Measured Lumen Per Dollar Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the money.

The Measured Lumen Per Gram Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the weight. Note that run times may vary but all tested are in the 1:30 to 2:30 hour range.

Lumen measuring process video using an integrating sphere with Chris McCaslin.

Visit Mtbr’s 2014 Bike Lights Shootout.

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