6 best ways to greet a fellow cyclist

Celebrate the wonderful fact that we are riding bikes

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You dont have to do the full bro-hug, but a simple hello is never a bad thing.

You dont have to do the full bro-hug, but a simple hello is never a bad thing.

Whether overtaking or passing in a different direction, there’s no reason not to acknowledge other cyclists. But what’s the best way to say, hi? The gang from the Global Cycling Network offers these suggestions.

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  • jerry says:

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for this piece, I’ve always been puzzled, (& sometimes, even a bit miffed), when riders fail to knowledge others. It’s no secret, that those that look like serious roadies can be the biggest offenders, (especially if your riding something unlike their bikes).
    Motorcycle riders can be better, (although we joke about Harley riders giving the “low & slow” wave from their knee!
    When I used to do Tri’s, the roadies didn’t seem to think we we’re real cyclists, so rarely any acknowledgement.
    I also think it helps newbies to feel like their part of a fun, healthy group when others give a wave.
    Why not, it makes both, the waver, & wavie feel better!

  • James says:

    How about when you meet a bicyclist riding the wrong way on a one way street? Or one on the wrong side of the street looking to make you swerve out into motorized traffic?

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