Opinion: Just say no to CO2

Why CO2 should be reserved strictly for race days, and even then, only races where you really want to win or set a personal best

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Review: Ritte Phantom steel road bike

The Ritte Phantom is a bike you buy if you want to ride a lot, and race on occasion. It’ll stand up to the sort of terrain those wider tires beg to be ridden on much better than the latest iteration of the marginal gains mega-bike.

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Review: Rapha Pro Team Shoe

The Rapha Pro Team shoes might be one of the first Rapha products to appeal to buyers who don’t see themselves as Rapha customers. It’s a genuinely very good shoe

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Gear of the Year: James Stout’s picks

Road bike gear designed more for wandering than wattage

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Opinion: In defense of droppers on drop bar bikes

The thing that I love about gravel bikes is that they rekindle what I felt when I rode those ’90s mountain bikes. Yes, gravel bikes aren’t very capable on gnarly trails, but that is what makes them fun.

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