About the author: Jordan Villella

Jordan comes from the steep streets of Pittsburgh PA, where he learned to dodge cars and rip single track. He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the cycling industry: from turning wrenches, store design, clothing production and bike park creation. Jordan spends his free time racing cross country and cyclocross around North America, though he has been know to enduro every now and then. His love of cycling is only second to his love of his family and punk rock.

Wolf Tooth’s RoadLink for Shimano adds gear range

The new RoadLink DM by Wolf Tooth replaces Shimano’s stock direct mount, allowing the user to add a larger-than-stock range cassette while maintaining chain wrap and shifting performance.

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iSSi Flip III clipless/platform pedal review

iSSi’s Flip III pedals are an excellent option for any touring, adventuring, or commuting bike setup.

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Salsa Journeyman first ride review

Salsa’s Journeyman gravel bike line-up can help you find adventure near and far — and won’t break the bank getting you there.

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CycleOps Hammer smart trainer review

CycleOps has entered the smart trainer market with a user friendly, thru axle compatible, direct-drive Hammer trainer.

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Video: Origins of the Land Run 100

Follow the riders of the Land Run 100 gravel road race in Salsa Cycles newest short film.

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WTB Resolute tire review

WTB has hit the mark with its Resolute tubeless thanks to its fast rolling compound, excellent traction, and decent mud shedding qualities.

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Surly Midnight Special do-it-all road bike unveiled

Surly’s new Midnight Special road plus bike is designed to provide comfort and speed on all-day rides, allowing you to take on the road, but not be sad when the pavement ends.

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Bontrager Velocis S2 clothing system review

Bontrager’s Velocis S2 clothing line is purpose built for colder riding conditions, specifically at or below freezing. Find out how well it performs when the temperature plummets and roads get wet.

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Knog PWR Commuter light review

This well crafted commuter light doubles as a mobile charger, allowing you to top up your smartphone or GPS head unit during your ride.

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Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL review

A mix of old world mountain style and new world tech make this light design unique and eye-catching.

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NOW Zappi helmet review

NOW (Non-Stop on Wheels) are making a splash in the cycling helmet world with eye catching designs backed by wind tunnel testing and design experience.

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Top 10 ways to avoid holiday weight gain and still party

The season is over, it’s snowing outside, you’re pounding nut roll like you’re getting paid for it. Off-seasons are for gluttony and sedentary life right? Wrong!

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