About the author: Megan Hottman

Megan Hottman is a recognized legal expert on cycling laws and advocate in the cycling community. She provides bike law education clinics and classes to cyclists, local bike clubs and to law enforcement personnel. Her work in cycling cases was featured by HBO Real Sports (Bryant Gumbel) in 2015. A former-elite road and track cyclist, Megan now competes mainly in cyclocross and gravel races and dabbles in triathlon. She has been running and sponsoring Colorado cycling teams since 2006 and currently manages a women-only cycling team called the Bike Ambassadors, which focuses more on commuting and lifestyle cycling. Megan’s 2018 goal is to ride 10,000 miles.

Dangers of Social Media in personal injury cases

Social media has become part of everyday life. But you must be extremely careful with what you post on the Internet if you’ve been involved in a cycling accident and are pursuing a personal injury case.

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Is Lane Splitting Lawful?

No matter who you ask, lane splitting is a controversial practice. Cyclists maintain that it gets them ahead of traffic so they can be more visible to cars. Motorists argue that it’s dangerous and risky.

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Bike Safety: Where should you put your camera?

If you only have one camera, which mounting position is most useful if you’re involved in an altercation?

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How to avoid getting doored (or dooring a fellow cyclist)

Most states require cyclists to ride as far right as practicable or as judged safe by the rider, but this often puts them directly in harm’s way because they are in the door zone.

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How far to the right should you ride?

How far to the right must we ride? This is one of the most misunderstood portions of traffic safety laws. Here are some answers.

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What to do if harassed or threatened by a motorist

Have you been harassed, yelled at, honked at, buzzed, menaced, or otherwise threatened while riding your bike? Here’s what you can do.

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Riding two abreast: When and where is it permitted?

Drivers often get mad when cyclists ride side-by-side, but what does the law say?

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Understanding the Cycling 3 Foot Rule

The driver of a motor vehicle overtaking a bicyclist proceeding in the same direction shall allow the bicyclist at least a three-foot separation between the right side of the driver’s vehicle. But how much is 3 feet, really?

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