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From floor pumps to bearing pullers to full-on tool kits

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During our tours of duty at Eurobike and Interbike this year, we saw loads of new products designed to ease the burden of wrenching on your bike. Whether you need a simple multi-tool or you’re looking for a shop quality bearing puller, check out part one of our two-part mega-roundup of mechanic’s essentials, which has something for every tool geek. Also be sure to check out part 2 here.

Feedback tools are available individually or in convenient kits.

Feedback tools are available individually or in convenient kits.

Feedback Tools

Colorado’s Feedback Sports makes all manner of work stands and accessories. For years, customers have been asking for them to branch out into tools. It took more than two years of development, but they’ve finally done it. You can purchase each of the items individually or as part of a kit. There are three kits available. The smaller Ride Prep Tool Kit contains 12 tools with 16 functions. It’s ideal for carrying in your car or to races and retails for $130.

The larger Team Edition kit (pictured above) contains 19 tools, which can perform 25 functions. This convenient kit is housed in a carrying case that can attach to a work stand and should cover most of your common maintenance needs. It also has space for any extra tools or bits you may want to carry.

If you spend much time working on motorcycles or cars, you already know how convenient T-handles are.

If you spend much time working on bikes, you already know how convenient T-handles are.

Feedback is also offering a compact bicycle specific set of T-handles. It includes 2.5-6mm hex and a T25 Torx. Retail is $130.

Many of Feedback’s new tools can pull double duty. Here are just a few with several integrated features.

Many of Feedback’s new tools can pull double duty.

There are a number of brands who manufacture tool kits, but what sets Feedback’s new tools apart is integration. Many of the tools are capable of performing double duty. For instance, the back of the Philips screwdriver has a built-in Shimano crank tool. For more info, visit — Saris Mercanti

Crankbrothers new KLIC pumps makes side-of-the-trail inflation easier to deal with.

Crankbrothers new KLIC pumps makes side-of-the-trail inflation easier to deal with.

Crankbrothers KLIC Pumps

Crankbrothers was showing off its new line of KLIC pumps, which feature a hidden flexible hose that’s housed inside the chamber until you need it. When it’s time to inflate, attach the hose via a magnetic connection, flip the locking handle into place, and pump. A twisting collar keeps out dirt and debris, and select models have built-in air pressure gauges and CO2 adaptors. All pumps come with a mounting bracket and are backed by a 5-year warranty. Available in high pressure and high volume models. For more information please visit — Jason Sumner

By the year 2025, back sweat will be a thing of the past.

This contraption could spend the end of the saddle bag.

Syncros Matchbox Tailor Cage

Hate wearing a backpack? Syncros has a solution. Their new Matchbox Tailor Cage seamlessly integrates a multi-tool and HV hand pump into a bottle cage. The sleek package accommodates eight tools, plus a chain tool. The pump has a max pressure of 80 psi. Depending on the model, retail is between $50-80. On a personal note, we’ve been testing this cage for about a month on home trails in Crested Butte, and have been fairly impressed. There’s essentially no weight penalty (actual weight 333 grams), and its proven completely secure even when romping around the local bike park. The only real hitch is that removal and replacement of the tool case can be a little finicky, and of course you need to have a bike that actually accommodates a bottle cage, which is definitely not a given anymore.

If you prefer ratcheting tools, the Syncros Lighter 8 might be more your style. This small composite box houses eight of the most commonly used bits and a mini-ratchet tool. It’s available now for $35. For more info, check out our coverage of Syncros here. — SM/JS

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