Bike Glow Safety Light Review


Bike Glow Safety Light – $24.95 MSRP

One of the biggest problems facing bike riders who commute in the dark is visibility. Not seeing, but being seen. Sure there are thousands of blinkers in every shape and size with a plethora of blinking options, but to drivers who see red lights every time they sit in traffic, a rear blinker isn’t likely going to catch their attention. Enter, the Bike Glow Safety Light. The Bike Glow is a 10 foot long strip of glowing wire powered by just two AA batteries. The electroluminescent technology keeps the wire extremely flexible and able to be wrapped around just about any bicycle frame. When installed, it’s said you’re bicycle is visible from up to 500 feet away.

The Bike Glow Safety Light retails for $24.95 and is available in several colors. Each kit comes with a 10 foot strand of light, a waterproof battery pack – complete with a velcro strap to stay attached to your bike, a small screwdriver, electrical tape, and some zip ties. Installation is pretty easy, you use the included screwdriver to open up the battery housing and install your two AA batteries, attach the battery pack to your bike in a convenient location, and use your creativity to wrap your frame with the 10 feet light strand.

We wrapped our Look commuter bike pretty easily, installation took no more than 5 minutes and we were able to get away with just using a single zip tie. We mounted the battery pack in our PDW basket and took off into the night. Within minutes we were seeing people take notice of the bike as we waited at stop signs and red lights. We even passed and waved to another rider going the opposite way who had a set installed on their bike. If visibility is what the creators of Bike Glow set out to create, they’ve done an excellent job. We believe the Bike Glow is a very clever use of electroluminescent technology to help cyclist be seen, and have fun at the same time.

Some things we didn’t like so much about the Bike Glow. There’s a high pitch noise whenever these lights are on, it’s steady when the lights are on steady and flashes when the lights are in their flashing mode. So we’re almost certain it’s got to do with the light output. When you’re moving along on the bike, it’s not as bothersome as say when you’re stationary, and though it’s a minor nuisance, it’s still a problem. Perhaps the high frequency sound is a deterrent to dogs chasing us, but we’d be curious if any one else using these has experienced the same sound.

Also, we’d like to see a longer option, another 5 feet or 10 feet and we could have done up the entire bike from fork to rear triangle. As it is, you could get two kits and have some fun with dual colors, which is probably the route we’ll take for now. All in all, for $24.95, this is an excellent option to make sure you’re seen while riding in the dark.

Weight with Batteries: 98 grams
Battery Life: Flasing (120 hours), Steady (50 hours)
Battery Type: 2 AA, not included
Colors Available: Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Yellow, and White
MSRP: $24.95

Clever use of electroluminescent technology
Easy to install & mount

Weird high frequency emitted
Only 10 feet long, competition already has longer options

About the author: Thien Dinh

Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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  • SJB says:

    Look commuter bike? YOu guys have access to too many bikes if you can use that Look for commuting.

  • John Tobakos says:

    I use these lights on my commuter bike. I do not have hum. I know I am seen when these lights are flashing. It is a great product. Easy to use, Easy to put on and take off. If you ride at night, please use this product.

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