Bottle Pod storage case review

Water resistant case makes it easy to carry and access critical gear

Bottle Pod looks great on a Steelman and it holds way more cargo than a saddle bag.

Bottle Pod looks great on a Steelman and it holds more cargo than a saddle bag.

Lowdown: Bottle Pod Storage Case

The Miles Wide Industries Bottle Pod is a semi-firm case with the basic shape of a water bottle that’s designed to carry essential gear for a ride. With a full zipper, the pod opens flat to reveal all its content and allow easy access.

On one side, a webbing enclosed compartment is available to keep the contents on half the pod in place. The other side has a half webbing with elastic opening for more flexible options. Two elastic loops are placed near the hinge to keep a pump in place. The Bottle Pod is designed to be carried in a bottle cage. Additionally, the Bottle Pod can be carried in a jersey pocket, or in hidden bib pockets used under loose fitting jerseys.

Stat Box
Size: 28 oz (shorter than long bottle) Price: $25
Weight: 101 grams Rating: 4.5 Stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Material: Water resistant semi-hard case

  • Full zipper makes access easy
  • Takes away water bottle storage space
  • Excellent organization of gear
  • Expensive
  • Portable between bike and jersey pocket
  • Great blend of firmness and grip

Review: Bottle Pod Storage Case

Most riders stuff their tools and essentials in their jersey pockets but some want a better solution. Saddle bags are okay, but many are tiny and when they get to a usable size, they start to look obnoxious. And they’re only okay until you need to use them and access all the contents. Bento box type storage containers that sit on the top tube work for some, but clearly not all riders. One solution does not fit all and we cannot assume that a hydration pack or jersey pockets are enough to satisfy all the riders out there. There are long rides and short rides, overzealous packers, and the woefully unprepared.

Bottle Pod fits on the Specialized cage but doesn't sit perfectly because the bottle indent is placed a little bit high.

Bottle Pod fits in this Specialized cage but doesn’t sit perfectly because the indent is placed a little bit high.

A segment that is looking for a solution are those light packers going on rides under three hours. Specialized is addressing the problem by storing the gear inside the bike frame. But clearly, that is not a solution for all. Fanny packs and bib storage is a growing segment. Hydration packs will always dominate this segment but very hot rides, short rides, and active/jumping rides sometimes call for other solutions.

It can transport a bottle of beer safely.

It can transport a bottle of beer safely.

There’s been other water bottle storage solutions before but they’ve always been incomplete solutions, as the gear has been hard to access with just a lid on top to access all the gear. A pouch is usually offered to pull all the gear out and lay them out on the ground.

The Bottle Pod fits road essentials very well.

The Bottle Pod fits road essentials very well.

This Bottle Pod solution is unique in the way it allows placement of one’s gear in compartments. Getting them out is the key, as the clamshell opening style allows very easy access of all the contents.

Another key asset of the Bottle Pod is its portability. Unlike saddle bags, it’s easy to move from bike to bike. And when there is a shortage of bottle cages and one needs to stuff it in a jersey pocket, that works as well

Bottle Pod weight is 101 grams when empty.

Bottle Pod weight is 101 grams when empty.

While it’s not a feat in engineering, we really like the Bottle Pod solution for carrying tools and other essentials. It is the right size and form factor so it is perfect for transporting on the bike or in one’s bib pocket. The bonus is while most bottle transport solutions make the contents difficult to access, this one opens like a clamshell to make access to all the contents easy.

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