Cervelo Diet – Ultimate Mods for the Ultimate Bike – Part 6 – But "weight"…there’s more. 13 pounds 5ounces!

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Cervelo Diet – Ultimate Mods for the Ultimate Bike, the Cervelo R3 – Part 6By Twain Mein
I replaced the headset with an FSA orbit (20 grams less) and Performance Lunar Light tubes (48 grams less), bringing it down to 6220 grams, or 13 pounds 11 ounces. Then came the tubulars…

Ritchey Superlogic Carbon-Boron 46 Tubulars

  • Full Carbon and Boron rims made by Lew Racing
  • 46mm tall for aerodynamics
  • Ritchey hubs with premium bearings
  • Cool quick releases
  • Estimated total weight: 1200 grams; claimed 1171
  • Front: 20 hole, 491 grams claimed. $1349.95 msrp
  • Rear: 24 hole, 680 grams claimed. $1449.95 msrp
  • Clinchers claimed weight of 1221 grams (516 front, 705 rear)
  • Clinchers: $1495.95, $1539.95 MSRP, front and rear respectively

Steve Parke showed up with the a set of Ritchey Superlogic Carbon-Boron 46 Tubulars. They were pre-glued with Ritchey Slick WCS tubular tires that have a claimed weight of 250 grams each; I think they were closer to 280 grams each with glue, so this puts the real weight at 1200 grams for the wheelset (sans quick releases). The net actual loss was 182 grams, dropping the total bike weight to 6038 grams, or 13 lbs 5 ounces.

The full carbon rims are designed by Lew Racing (which is now merged with Reynolds). Lew also uses Boron, a material that is 4x stronger than Carbon and 10x the cost. By leveraging Boron, less material is needed to make the wheel, decreasing weight. There are also many other cool features.

The rear wheel has a crisscross, aka “Crowsfoot” pattern on the drive side; the cross bend has a straight pull for extra rigidity. The quick releases feature “smart” labeling; the rear skewer is meant to face forward. This is to prevent accidental opening if you make contact in a race. If the QR faces backward, it’s more prone to opening with someone coming up on you and brushing against it.


About the author: Twain Mein

Twain Mein is fascinated with the technology and gear aspect of cycling, and is a longtime product reviewer. Twain has been doing triathlons since 1987 and has been ranked in the Top 50 U.S. National Age Group on numerous occasions.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Given the bike is half a kilogram below the UCI limit, already, what would you do to make a race-legal bike, aside from going to the fishing tackle store and buying some lead weights?

    Go with clinchers rather than tubulars? A heavier but more comfortable saddle? More aerodynamic bars?

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