Clean Bottle Water Bottle Pro Review



Clean Bottle Water Bottle Pro ReviewBy Twain Mein

  • 22 oz. capacity
  • 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastic
  • Removable top and bottom for easy cleaning
  • MSRP: $9.95 each available direct

David Mayer is the mind behind the Clean Bottle. And this year he’s burst onto the cycling scene with guerrilla marketing run amok. From spamming the Webcore cycling Yahoo! Group to free samples at the top of Old La Honda, Dave and his bottles are everywhere. He even had a video testimonial on Retailer and dressed up as a Clean Bottle for the of California. In fact, nothing is sacred with Dave; at the Wildflower Triathlon in May, I opened the door to a porta-potty and was greeted with a huge Clean Bottle poster over the throne. Dang, this guy is EVERYWHERE!

He also does something cool with the profits–he will donate 10% of the years profits to a charity that his fans vote on. Kind of cool.

Regardless of the marketing, lets look at the “history” of the water bottle.


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About the author: Twain Mein

Twain Mein is fascinated with the technology and gear aspect of cycling, and is a longtime product reviewer. Twain has been doing triathlons since 1987 and has been ranked in the Top 50 U.S. National Age Group on numerous occasions.

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  • derek says:

    Nice collection of water bottles, Twain!

    And good idea to toss my water bottles and caps into the dishwasher a few times a year.

    How many people actually buy water bottles? Water bottles are common free swag items such that I toss out my old bottles after a year or so and replace with them with new ones. I even gave away one of those fancy aluminum bottles because I have an excess inventory of water bottles.

  • Les says:

    I’m pretty sure the standard is the Camelbak Podium. The nozzle on those bottles are the best ever and they never leak! Plus, I was able to use the Camelbak top on a 24 ounce Polar insulated bottle and it fit perfectly.

  • Clean Bottle guy says:

    Thanks for the review, Twain!

  • hap says:

    Doubling areas where mold and bacteria grow and thrive, like threads and seams, is never a good idea.
    Pass on this, unless you have an excess of toothpicks and Q-Tips to deal with it.

  • Dan Burdick says:

    Nice bottle! I’d like to try it.
    For your bottle history: there was also the Greg LeMond – Taco Bell fiasco.
    Prior to Greg’s wins of the TDF in the early ’90s, these bottles rarely ended up in the hands of the general American public. Then Taco Bell, sponsor of LeMond, was handing out the classic as promo freebees with their fast food. Some unfortunate kid choked when the valve apparently came off, there was a lawsuit, and subsequent valve designs had to be made bite-off-proof.
    My personal favorite bottle design is the “Revenge.” I don’t think it’s too complicated to flip the lid while hammering. I have several that have lasted years. I clean them with hydrogen peroxide followed by lime juice. Never use chlorine bleach… I learned that one the hard way!

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