Contest: Mavic Limited Edition Ksyrium 125 Wheel-Tire System

Contest Tires Tour de France Wheels

Contest ended. Congrats to Steve Joslin from Newport Beach, CA.


  • Thomas Eng says:

    Your Rims are the best,bar none

  • pmhayden says:

    Have a set. Awesome.

  • Daniel Frady says:

    I have heard great thing about your wheels and would love to have a set on my machine. I ride 32 miles each day and need all the edge I can get at 51 years old.

  • eran lerner says:

    i am a mtb racer looking for a road bike & wheels for better preformence

  • ronny hörmann says:

    my old wheelset (mavic open pro – shimano) is broken at the spokeholes.
    so i need a replacement wheelset.
    this would be a good opportunity …
    greetings from salzburg/austria

  • Fred R says:

    I’ve been a 40 plus year Mavic wheel and rim user and still remember the first one I got which was a Module E2 with those cool looking red and green labels with Mavic in gold, man what a beautiful rim those were. Over all those years I’ve come to trust their brand to outperform others and it all started with the E2.

  • michael horst says:

    I never win any thing prove me wrong

  • Sharon Thurston says:

    I love my bike, new wheels and tires would be awesome.

  • Serena Debolt says:

    Excellent system for any type of biking!

  • Dave Elson says:

    Sweet set , starting to do a bike build, would be great to those babies under me

  • Johnny Seven says:

    thanks to a misguided BMW I am now in the market for a new set of wheels (and a new bike for that matter), these would do just fine.

  • Mike Rathwell says:

    I restore and collect older steel frame racing bikes. Almost every one of the 30 plus bikes have a model of Mavic rims. (from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s) I have two rider bikes to race in the master class. A 1983 Rossin with full Campy Chorus (w Mavic Rims) and a 2000 Master Lite Colnago with Mavic CPX30 rims. All but me ride a full carbon bike and high profile carbon rims. (I take my turn at the front and dont get dropped)….some new wheels for the Colnago would at least stop the teasing……and some “shut upa yur face” after I kick their butt!!

  • Bob Weber says:

    I have multiple sets of Kysrium SL wheels, and when I bought them, the dealer told me they were bomb proof. I agree. Once hit a car square on the driver’s door (idiot!) and my frame literally exploded under me. The Ksyriums didn’t even flinch…perfectly true front wheel.

    I did have a rim with cracks around the nipples holes one month outside of the warranty period.

  • Joie says:

    Best WHEELSETS! Hope i win.

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