Cool Gear: Folding e-bike fits inside a backpack

Scooter-like contraption rolls along at 12-15mph

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The Impossible

The “bike” has a 45-minute run time at a speed of 12.4mph.

The pages of Kickstarter are filled with odd and sometimes innovative creations. We’re not sure which category the Impossible folding e-bike belongs, but it’s certainly interesting.

Billed as the world’s smallest folding e-bike, the motor-powered Impossible can be jammed inside a standard sized backpack when not in use. When it’s time to ride, unfold the spacey-looking contraption and off you go, no pedaling necessary. In fact there are no pedals, just pegs for your feet.

The bike (or maybe scooter is more accurate) costs from $430 to $530 depending on model. Ten internal batteries provide 45 minutes of run time at 12.4mph. Estimated charge time is 90 minutes. Saddle height adjusts from 65cm to 80cm in 5cm increments.

The Impossible

When folded up, this pedal-less e-bike will fit inside a backpack.

The futuristic-looking frame is built around circles which helps spread rider weight equally across the frame. The seat and handlebars are at similar height so that the front and rear wheels bear weight equally. Carbon fiber is the primary frame material, making the Impossible both light and durable.

The “connecting box” in the middle of the frame is one of a handful steel pieces. This steel box is used to both bear the weight of the rider and withstand the shocks associated with everyday use. In its current incarnation, Impossible can carry up to 180 pounds. Check out this video to see the bike in action.

Impossible’s Beijing, China-based creators launched their Kickstarter campaign with a modest $50,000 Canadian goal, and easily eclipsed that number, raising nearly $200,000CAD with about a month to go. Scheduled funding date is December 25, 2014.

“We will need around 8 months after the campaign to fine tune Impossible before we start production,” says the company’s Kickstarter page. “As part of this campaign, we promise not to cooperate or to sign any sort of contract with a major retailer before our backers receive their Impossible. There are three packages available through this campaign: white, black, and original carbon fiber color. The original carbon fiber color Impossible will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign.”

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