DealerCamp 2011 – Wahoo Fitness to Add Strava Data

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DealerCamp has begun and one of the first booths you’ll see when walking into the expo entrance is that of Wahoo Fitness. They’ve been busy since we last spoke to them, soon their app will start communicating with the popular Strava website and allow you to track yourself real time against some of the fastest riders in your area on your local loops and climbs. With the power of the Wahoo training app, they’re able to take the data from the post ride stats of Strava and pipe it live to you out on the road, giving you a ghost rider to chase and beat.

Wahoo demonstrated this by setting up a virtual race during the expo today. Attendees were able to demo their system and try the local challenge themselves. As they cross the virtual start line, the clock starts ticking real time and stops once the rider crosses the virtual finish without any interaction needed by the rider. Wahoo set up this monitor in their booth to track the results of riders in real time.

This technology will eventually hit your local bike shop, club, or group ride, where they could setup a local loop and riders will be able to test their fitness against others in your area.

Here’s a video of Wahoo Fitness Founder Chip Hawkins introducing their iPhone mount and training App back at PressCamp.

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