Diamondback IO aero road bike launched

Design aims to bridge gap between road and time trial bikes

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Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

Designed around the right positioning and shape, the ultra-low seatstays have been optimized for aerodynamic efficiency, lateral stiffness, and vertical compliance.

Modern bicycle designs often force riders to choose between a road bike optimized for stiffness and weight savings, or a time trial bike designed for aerodynamic efficiency. With its new IO, Diamondback is trying to break down those barriers and create a ride that cuts through the wind, but still climbs, descends and handles like a performance road bike.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

Convenient tool storage is located on the non-drive side of the bike.

Diamondback worked closely with bicycle designer Kevin Quan and a team from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies to design and test several innovations in the IO. The team focused their efforts on the area of the frame below the top tube.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

Diamondback’s Wake Control System is formed by engineering strategically shaped depressions called vortex generators into the trailing edge of the truncated airfoils. These depressions set up mini areas of counter-rotating turbulent flow. When placed in a specific pattern, the counter-flow areas interfere with natural air flow across the frame and significantly reduce the wake that leaves the bike. The IO’s vortex generators better control the wake and significantly improve the aerodynamic performance compared to other aero road bike designs, says Diamondback.

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The first unique element is the Diamondback Wake Control System, a strategically shaped depressions in the bike’s carbon fiber tubing that create mini areas of counter-rotating turbulent flow. When placed in a specific pattern, the counter-flow areas interfere with natural air flow across the frame and are claimed to reduce the wake that leaves the bike, improving the bike’s aerodynamic performance.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

Diamondback says it spent lots of time in the wind tunnel during development of its latest drop bar bike.

The Diamondback team also considered the bike’s frame shape. By lowering the bike’s seatstays, engineers improved aerodynamic efficiency, while maintaining the lateral stiffness and vertical compliance needed to deliver precise handling, says Diamondback.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

There is lots going on inside this bike’s frame.

Similar to its Andean time trial bike, the IO also features an oversized, aero-shaped, in-bike storage area above the bottom bracket, ideal for tools and repair kits, as well as an aero top tube storage compartment that is easily accessible for nutrition. Finally, the cockpit includes an aero handlebar, which works with the Covert Routing Process internal cable routing system designed around a proprietary stem.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

From a sketch this bike became a reality.

The result is a bike that is claimed to be 20 percent more aerodynamic than Diamondback’s Podium road race bike, but only 10 percent less aerodynamic than the brand’s triathlon bike, the Serios.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

Pricing for the IO starts at $3999 for a SRAM Force gruppo and goes up to $9749 for a build with a Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain and brakes, and ENVE carbon wheels. The IO will also be available with customizable build options through Diamondback’s online Custom Studio. Custom bikes can be shipped to over 100 countries worldwide. On sale date is late spring 2018.

Diamondback IO Aero Road Bike

After ordering a Diamondback bicycle online, the Ready Ride packaging system delivers it to consumers’ doors 95 percent assembled. Included tools and an online support system with chat and how-to videos. Consumers can also choose to have their bike assembled at their local bike shop or built and delivered by Beeline Mobile Delivery Service (where available) for no extra charge.

For more information, head to ride.diamondback.com.

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  • zen says:

    WTH is up with that seatpost? C’mon guys, you to to all the trouble to sort of replicate the Madone 9.9 front end, and don’t bother with a seatpost to match the seat-tube cross section?

  • Khan says:

    The 27.2mm seat post from the aero shaped seat mast tube, i don’t think it matters from an aero perspective. I like the bike!

  • Jordan says:

    Where can you get this bike? I cant find it anywhere on the web for sale

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