Ergon Gets Cyclocross-Specific with SRX3 Saddle and CF3 Seatpost

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First look at the Ergon SRX3 cyclocross-specific saddle. © Cyclocross Magazine

Ergon, the German grip manufacturer turned accessory giant, has introduced a cyclocross-specific saddle, due to hit stores in February. The SXR3 has a long and wide profile nose for extended red-zone efforts, designed to support your hips and pelvis when they’re brought forward over the bottom bracket. As with all their saddles, the shell has a void in the center channel that is covered by padding. This is to reduce pressure between the sit bones and minimize numbness.

What makes it cyclocross-specific? No, it doesn’t come with a built in cowbell and isn’t covered in Aquaseal. Ergon says the saddle is slightly shorter so it’s easier to get on and off the bike, and it’s slightly less L-shaped at the nose, so you can move around more on the bike.

There are three versions of the SRX3, ranging from $79.95 to $189.95. © Cyclocross Magazine

It also has slightly more flex than a standard road saddle to absorb vibrations on that bumpy course. Lastly, though the shell is relieved in the center channel, it doesn’t have a visible cut out which means you won’t get a numbing spray coming through your saddle when you hit the puddle.

It was created with cyclocross in mind, but is essentially a hybrid between a mountain bike and road saddle, and you won’t feel or look out of place riding this on either a road or mountain bike either. The saddle will come in three different spec levels, from nylon shell and chrome rails to carbon composite shell with carbon rails.

A look at Ergon’s new seatpost. © Cyclocross Magazine

Ergon also showed off their innovative CF3 seatpost, made up of two carbon half-circle shafts that overlap, joined by a pivot at the top. The independent sides of the seat post move past each other to absorb vibrations and small jolts—perfect for smoothing out those bumpy courses we’ve been seeing this year. The pivotless suspension seatpost is composed of two pieces of carbon working together to create springs and flex, so when you’re riding it, the bike still feels rigid, but at the same time, it soaks up the bumps. You won’t lose the power you’re putting down, but “your back and your experience on the bike is more comfortable,” Ergon says. It was designed with road bikes in mind, but the cyclocross applications may be even more useful.

We’ve been able to test an early model, and the results are promising but one shouldn’t expect to feel inches of plush travel. It’s close to vibration dampening than big bump absorption.

Last year at Sea Otter, Ergon’s Sonya Looney and Specialized’s Chris Riekert talked suspension seat posts with us:

The new cyclocross SRX3 saddle will retail at a price lower than their current MTB saddle is priced, with the standard model priced at $79.95 and the high-end carbon-shell, carbon-rail version at $189.95. For comparison:

Current Ergon MTB Saddle Pricing:

  • SM3: $139.95
  • SM3 Pro: $169.95
  • SM3 Pro Carbon: $229.95

Future Ergon SRX3 Saddle Pricing:

  • SRX3: $79.95
  • SRX3 Pro: $129.95 (*carbon shell)
  • SRX3 Pro Carbon: $189.95 (*carbon shell, carbon rails)

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  • DT says:

    WANT that CR3 seatpost over any other in the world.
    Unique, Brilliant, Elegant. Unlike that over-hyped, overpriced, seat-slipping specialized cob goblr.

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