Featured User Review: 2010 Blackburn Tech Fluid

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Featured Review: 2010 Blackburn Tech Fluid
by ryanharne

MSRP: $269
Review Date: March 27, 2010
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Lynskey with SRAM

I received this trainer as a replacement to my Blackburn Trakstand Ultra from being warrantied. Thankfully, Bell Sports no longer makes that Trakstand model and thankfully they sent a much nicer replacement.

The Tech Fluid is a great trainer thus far. Though nice weather is coming back, I typically don’t have the opportunity to get outside and bike after work just yet. Need more evening sunlight. So far, I’ve already put four solid rides on this trainer and am quite pleased.

Just like all fluid trainers, it has to warm up. Some fluid trainers will warm up smoothly with no fluctuation in resistance, some less smoothly. The Tech Fluid will very slightly vibrate while it warms up. Very slightly, like riding over a brick-paved road. After 5 to 7 minutes, though, it’s gone. So, you can think of it as, just about as you’re done warming up your legs for some exercise, so, too, has the trainer also finished warming up.

The resistance curve on the Tech Fluid is excellent. I tend to do rides no more than an hour on the trainer and the amount of resistance it generates is strong enough to keep me in the little chain ring hovering around the 16 to 13t sprockets. I was hoping that would be the case because it’s always annoying to ride a trainer which requires you to switch up & down the little and big chainrings in order to find the right gear ratios to use.

If you do throw it up to the big chainring, say an effort at a 53×19, you’re in for some serious hurt. The resistance nicely ramps up exponentially like a true ride. But will back off smoothly as well (unlike the Trakstand Ultra which, on many occasions, could actually lock up after efforts like that).

Lastly I must point out that the trainer itself, the hardware namely, is of top quality. It’s incredibly heavy and has a wide stance making it almost impossible to rock back and forth even during major efforts. Not everyone likes that much stability from a trainer, but I appreciate it.

The Tech Fluid is really a quality product. Glad Blackburn has changed things from the Trakstand. Though, if something goes wrong with this trainer, I’ll come back and add a PS to my review to point it out. Lifetime warranties are a plus, as well.

Trainer stability. Brief fluid warm up time. Excellent resistance variation over speeds. Easy to set up bike into the mounts.

Not as pretty to look at as say a CycleOps trainer (this would be the Humvee where the CycleOps would be the H2).

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