Featured User Review: Colnago CLX 2.0 Road Bike

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Featured User Review: Colnago CLX 2.0 Road Bike
by BikerBobT

Price: $3300 at Free Flite Bicycles – Marietta, GA
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Bike Setup:
Campy Athena/Chorus 11-Speed with FSA Team Issue cranks, FSA OS 150 stem and handlebars., Colnago labeled saddle, brakes, and tires.

I wanted to replace my Orbea Onix with something a little smoother riding. I went to a lot of stores and tried a lot of different bikes. I narrowed the list to three: A Pinarello Quattro, a Ridley Noah, and the Colnago CLX 2.0. I guess I rode each of them about three or four times for extended tests. I would be happy with any of the three. But in the end, I chose the Colnago because the ride was simply the smoothest and most comfortable of them, and it simply fit me better.

While not the lightest bike in the world, at 17.5 pounds it is no slouch either. The wheels (Fulcrum 5’s) would be a quick and easy upgrade, but they are by no means bad wheels and I probably won’t change them anytime soon.

I don’t know who manufactures some of the components – they have Colnago branded brakes, tires, and saddle. I suspect the brakes are FSA, since the cranks and stem are made by FSA. They work fine so no worries there. I replaced the saddle with my trusty Aliante. The tires are really nice, and I’d buy them again if I knew what they were!

After several months and finally hitting 1000 miles, I can say that I’m extremely pleased with this bike. It is everything I was looking for and more. And it is truly a thing of beauty (mine is white and blue). Everyone who sees it comments on it.

The only thing I will likely change soon is the crankset. The dealer said my specific bike was a European setup, and was not supposed to be available in the US at all. These all come with some great FSA Team Issue carbon cranks. However, mine are standard 53/39.

As I get older (I’m in my mid 50s), I would prefer compact cranks to help on the hills. The FSA’s shift great and look very nice too, but a 53/39 with a 12-25 cassette is just not low enough for me and the hills around here.

Different models come with different cranks, though. If you have Shimano or SRAM components, the swap is pretty easy. Right now, finding 11-speed cranksets is still a little difficult and expensive, which is why I did not have it done at purchase time.

Handling on the CLX 2.0 is spot-on. I never, ever feel that I might lose control. There is no wiggling or twitchiness at speed. It tracks well and corners like it is on rails. At high speed it is very stable. At low speeds there is no wobble. Signor Colnago really knows how to design a bike, no matter where it is actually built!

This bike should appeal to anyone from a cycling enthusiast or recreational rider like me to a Cat 1 racer.

Although I have two other nice bikes, this is the one I choose 90% of the time. I really love it. Thank you Ernesto!

Extremely smooth, fast, and well-mannered. This bike is a magic carpet. It also is a really nice looking bike. Did I mention it rides smoothly?

Standard cranks with 12-25 cassette are not very good for hills. Proprietary aero seat post can’t be swapped out (but no need to that I can see).

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  • Adam says:

    Totally agree with this assessment. While what’s available here in Australia is a little different, I was looking at the Pinarello (always wanted one growing up) and the Colnago. In the end I chose the Colnago for much the same reasons as the author. I bought it with full Centaur (including carbon cranks). I loved it so much that when I went to buy my next bike I couldn’t let it go and instead upgraded the wheels to Racing 1s and the running gear to Record 11. Three-and-a-bit years on and I still rate this bike as much as the day I bought it and definitely don’t envy any other machine out there! (Well, maybe some of the stuff the pros ride, but that never counts!)

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