Featured User Review: Jamis Satellite Steel Road Bike

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Featured User Review: Jamis Satellite Steel Road Bike
by Doggity

Price Paid: $625.00 at The Broken Spoke
Overall Rating: 4 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Favorite Ride:
any long climbing ridey

Bike Setup:
Stock frame and fork. Nitto Randoneur 45cm handlebars. Shimano 8 speed BAR END shifters. Stock Sora derailleurs and gear cluster. Stock crankset. Ultegra hubs/Mavic 33 rims. Brooks B17 saddle, Thomson Elite seatpost. I’m set for life.

Mine’s the 2010 Satellite Sport triple. This is an entry level road bike that you should actually seriously consider!

Why? Because, unlike most every other bike at this price point, it has a really decent STEEL frame AND fork, and rides really smoothly! The bones of this bike are good, even if a lot of the components are marginal. I am used to lighter (and more expensive) aluminum/carbon bikes; this one’s ride is way less fatiguing on long rides.

OK, the weaknesses: The saddle and seatpost, as others have noted are junque.
You were going to replace those anyway.

Typical entry level Alex rims (garbage!); I figgered I’d get 500 miles on ’em before I started breaking spokes, the first one went at 350 miles (so I’m a Clyde..). The stock brake shoes (plastic) are HORRIBLE. Replace them with a pair of KoolStops right away, the brakes will be OK. What else…Oh. The Shimano 2300 STI shifters are clunkers, and a mistake, at this price point. Jamis should have put Shimano’s 8 speed bar end shifters on this bike-way better made, way more fun. Friction shifting just goes with this bike, it is a natural, and how everyone shifted anyway before the mid 90’s.

What? You’re a racer wannabe? This bike isn’t for you, anyway. That’s not what this bike is about! This bike is for the kind of rider who’d normally buy a Surly CrossCheck, or a Rivendell or the like but can’t afford it.

Way comfortable, way fun, good responsive ride, not too slow and clunky, (unlike the Riv I had) considering its weight, which is a few lbs heavier than usual, these days. Not the ride for weight weenies, but for the non spandex rider who knows what they’re about, might be the best cheap bike you’ve ever bought.

Here’s the thing:I’ve replaced the wheels with hand built Shimano Ultegra hubs/Mavic 33 rims, the saddle with a Brooks B17, the seatpost with a Thompson Elite, Nitto handlebars, and the brifters with excellent Shimano 8 speed bar end shifters. I now have a comfortable, bomb proof bike for about what you’d spend on a usual aluminum/carbon forked entry level bike.

Sorry, my bike’s WAY better now, IMHO. Waaaay better..there’s nothing to break, and I haven’t spent any more than a typical $1100 entry level bike, with which I’d STILL have to do the same thing. Recommended.

Steel frame and fork, excellent, comfortable ride.

Just lose the junque components, replacing them whenever you find a good deal. Not the bike for somebody trying to keep up with the carbon and Spandex crowd.

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