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Featured User Review: Look 586
by xyz58

Price: $3999 MSRP
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Favorite Ride:
any long climbing ridey

58 yrs old, 5’11, 157 lbs. Do a few road races, a lot of club rides and a few organized metric & full centuries. Have been on a Litespeed Tuscany (Dura Ace conventional, Ksyzium SL) for 4 1/2 years and about 25k miles.

The Litespeed is a great bike but I had the itch to try a different ride. Considered several brands but kept commng back to Look, probably because we have a great local dealer. Considered the Look 595, opted for the 586 based on recommendation of LBS (ex pro) and recommndation of a friend & very strong climber who recently switched to the 586.

The 586 saw 238 miles in 4 rides with about 10k of climbing in it’s 1st 8 days. Rides were our normal routes & conditions – rough chip seal, a short fast flat route, a 60 mi fast flat ride with a lot 90 degree turns, the “wall” with 1.5 mi of steep 12% plus grade, long 4% -8% climbs, tricky conering descents, and a 98 mile Century with lots of rollers & some rough road.

My comments are relative to the Litespeed & certainly very subjective since I have no experience with carbon frames other than short test rides: The Look 586 is very comfortable & smooth, great road feel. Plenty stiff for me with good horizontal compliance on rough roads. Solid road feel without excessive vibration, not “twitchie” but solid, positive control. The 586 power transfer is very responsive on climbs and the rare out of saddle sprints this old body can do.

For me, this bike is perfect for getting out of he saddle and hammering over the top of rollers and powering through long climbs. The cornering is unbelievable, the 586 tracks so easily and feels really safe on corners that used to have me on the brakes and fighing to hold a line – no more getting dropped on fast cornerig descents. Only reservation about this bike build is the compact, I’ll give it a couple months and perhaps switch back to a convenional. I’ve heard SRAM has a 53 x 36 and will research as an option. Hed wheels may be adding to the cornering & smooth road feel, I’ll eventualy put on the Ksyzuim’s for a comparison.

The Look (black & white) is a nice clean bike with exceptional “fit & finish” but my wife’s Orbea Dive still got all the comments on the Century ride. Appeaance is a plus but I wanted road feel, cornering & the feel of speed & responsive power transfer -the Look 586 exceeds my expectations in these areas.

power transfer, cornering, climbing, comfort on long rides over rough road

None for me so far. Will report back if I experience any disappointments.

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A few test rides but no significant mileage on other carbon frames, 25k on Ti, many miles on Al.

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