Featured User Review: Saris T-Bones Bike Rack

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Featured Review: Saris T-Bones Bike Rack
by jefferyc

Price: $285 at The Bike Rack
Review Date: July 20, 2010
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 4 of 5

Bike Setup:
litespeed arenberg, mostly campy. cannondale six13, all shimano.

Favorite Ride:
the long wandering kind

I live in the south and it has been brutally hot and dry this year. So, first off, forget about the “won’t come off in the heat” stuff. I’m ready to “THROW COLD WATER ON ‘EM!” but have had NO problems yet. Even in the humidity of South Carolina, slow and steady raised the rack.

I find that firm, slow, constant pressure works nicely to slide this rack off of the hitch adapter. Remember to lower the arms first, it is a little easier to balance.

I had no problems assembling the rack, though I wondered if my rubber mallet could have made some parts fit a little tighter.

I don’t use the stand to hold my bike, only holds the rack when it isn’t on the car. But, I do carry a socket wrench in the backpack for easy removal of the adapter, which I recommend. I’ve whacked my shins several times when the “dildo” is the only thing on the car. Too easy to forget it is there.

I already own a Saris Bones rack and loved it until i saw the damage it caused to my trunk lid. The Bones was a little noisy on the highway, too. I was always watching the rear-view to determine where the bumps and snaps and cracks came from. The straps vibrated and damaged my clear coat, at almost any speed.

The T-Bones is most of the best of the Bones rack without touching the car!!

Very quiet, very secure, very high tech appearance.

This rack looks so very cool. Keeps everything off of the paint job of my car. Rock solid at speeds over 80 mph, (don’t ask, i won’t tell).

The included (and nicely hidden) cable lock makes it very easy to secure the bike while stopping in dicey locations.

Less than two mintues to wrench on the dildo, lock it, and snap the rack on. Mounting the bike is a breeze, and it isn’t too hard on the bike finish.

I can still get in the trunk with the bike on the car!!

While the Bones rack was infinitely adjustable, there are only a couple of ways to affect height “adjustment” on the T-Bones. While the adjustments are sufficient, i’d like to lower the the bike a touch for aerodynamic reasons.

One of the included locks was busted and required re-assembly.

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