Featured User Review: Time RXR Ulteam

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Featured User Review: Featured User Review: Time RXR Ulteam
by harrydog

Price: $9700.00 at Powerhouse, Hailey
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5

Bike Setup:
2011 RXRS Ulteam full module, full Super Record group, Fizik Allante saddle, Speedplay pedals, Garmin 500 computer

Favorite Ride:
Any Ride

Let me preface this review by saying that I don’t deserve this bike based on riding ability, nor can I really afford it. I started to learn about TIME, their total manufacturing process in France, including weaving their own carbon fiber, and got very interested. The fully lugged RXR, with gorgeous lines and slick graphics was overwhelming. With a major birthday coming up, I plotted with my local, superb bike shop, Powerhouse, in Hailey, Idaho. I plunked down a hefty deposit on the full 2011 RXRS Ulteam gray module and waited impatiently for a few months. I figured I’d move my existing SRAM Red group onto it, but the deeper I got into it, the more I reasoned that I should keep the bike all-euro, and in a moment of seeming insanity went all-in, ordering the 2011 Super Record group before coming back to earth and finishing out the order with Fulcrum Race 1 wheels. I was now in really deep and starting to freak out – again, I’m a piker and had no business ordering this bike. I have numerous friends who crush me on their $2,500 Taiwanese rigs.

Permit me to state the obvious: there is no substitute for a really good fit from a shop that gets the right size ordered and then fits it to you correctly. Mark at Powerhouse took the time and care to “build up” both a Large and Extra Large on his bike-fitting jig so that we could determine the right size for me, and then requested a non-stock (for size ordered) stem. Sounds simple, but it required his care and passion to get it right the first time.

I have now been out four times and logged about 100 miles. Hardly through the shake down period, but the bike is stupendous. No surprise given the care Mark put into it and the quality of the whole bike. The frame, fork, stem and bars (full module) are so beautifully fabricated and finished – I have not seen another carbon frame set with this level of quality, period. And the new Super Record group does not disappoint – it is indeed lighter and quicker shifting. Mark and I joke about the TIME motto, “You won’t recognize your performance” – that I would be the one to defy that claim through my lack of ability, but it’s early season here and I am already outpacing last season times on my familiar training routes. The bike is so responsive, so rigid yet smooth, and rolls like nothing I’ve been on, including the Dogma, C-50, etc. The power transfer is awesome and the handling is like I’m on rails, but there is no harshness to the ride, something I couldn’t say about the C-50 and others I tested. Best of all, it is so damn comfortable. Not a hint of discomfort or numbness, things I’ve dealt with on previous bikes, even after a post-purchase fitting. Again, there is no substitute for getting the fit right ahead of ordering whatever one chooses. I am really looking forward to a season of fun rides, local races, and a few centuries, and I’m confident that the RXRS will meet every situation with aplomb. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, even if you can’t really afford it.

Outstanding strength, smoothness and handling in a sexy French-built package.

Cable routing might be cleaner; a spendy ride, for sure.

Similar Products Used:
Dogma, C-50, etc.

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  • Honeymooners says:

    I’ve had an RXR (not an “s”) for a year and you are definitely still in the honeymoon period. Its a fine bicycle for racing speeds with high quality manufacturing but not as smooth as you make it sound. Enjoy the Time.

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