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Fizik Antares Saddle Pro Review – By Twain Mein

  • Cost: $199 MSRP
  • Comfortable yet very light weight
  • Natural Leather Seat Cover
  • Made in Italy
  • ICS bag compatible
  • Weight: Claimed 175 grams. Actual: 177.

This is a review of the Fizik’s latest saddle, the Antares. It’s supposed to be the “third dimension” between Fizik’s excellent Arione and Aliante. I’m not sure what the third dimension really means but what I discovered that it’s really a comfortable alternative to minimalist saddles like the Selle Italia SLR.

I decided to compare the Antares not only to it’s brethren but also to the Selle Italia SLR. Here’s how they measured up:

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Weight (grams)

















Comparing the saddles
My first experience with Fizik saddles was the Arione. It’s a great looking saddle that is much longer (25mm more than the Antares and SLR) than most saddles. I suppose this is to give you more freedom to move for/aft for spinning or pushing big gear. But despite it being the narrowest of the four–and with it’s built in “wing flex”, I’ve found that this saddle hits in the wrong places and is actually a bit of a disappointment; I tend to “get numb” when riding this saddle, especially when on the trainer.

About the author: Twain Mein

Twain Mein is fascinated with the technology and gear aspect of cycling, and is a longtime product reviewer. Twain has been doing triathlons since 1987 and has been ranked in the Top 50 U.S. National Age Group on numerous occasions.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Great review! thanks very much for taking the trouble. I have been batteling with the Arione for far to long now, is so uncomfortable and I hate it, without question! I’m just in the process of ordering the Aliante and when it arrives, I will burn the Arione in the garden…….the end of this Medieval torture device!

  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it amazing how popular the Arione is, though? So many pros ride it.
    BTW, here is the original review of the Aliante:

  • Anonymous says:

    On my quest to find the perfect saddle for myself, I picked up a Fizik Aliante in red and black. After spending hours of research on various saddles, I decided to buy the Aliante. I have just spent 45 mins dialing the saddle in and my arse feels fine! The best way I can describe it as ‘ a moment’. My search ends. Forget Specialized, Sella Italia etc…….its the Fizik Aliante all the way. Just putting the comfort to one side, the look and attention to detail is amazing. They state handmade in Italy, and you can certainly see the workmanship! If anyone is out there on that same quest looking for the perfect saddle, just try the Aliante! It just may work for you! Aliante……..I love you!

  • Anonymous says:

    I too have had an Aliante moment as well – for me nothing comes close in terms of comfort once you get the angle dialled in and I have tried them all (other than Antares). Also had major numbness with the Arione – more than any other saddle.

    I think if the Aliante works for you (for the reasons Twain has identified – construction and you sit around it rather than on it), it really works. So many people just swear by it.

  • Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: been riding the Antares a lot more. Have to say, it is very impressive. While it doesn’t appear cushioned, it flexes to absorb shock. I put it on the tri bike and it seems well suited; reasonably comfortable up on the nose.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been riding the Arione for years. I love the flat surface and how easily I can reposition myself on it, but I can’t quite say I love the saddle because it’s a little too narrow. I tried an Aliante, and while the extra width was nice, I found the rockered shape to be terribly uncomfortable. Just a matter of preference, I suppose. The Antares looks like it may be the best of both worlds.

    Twain, obviously the Arione is the longest of the three, but it seems to me that the extra length is in the tail and not in the nose. Can you confirm or deny?

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeppsen-it’s hard to say exactly because the “sit area” ranges. But you are right; a lot of the length with the Airione is in the back. For instance, riding it tri-style, getting up on the nose doesn’t feel as elongated as say a Selle Italia tri saddle (i have one of those too…).

  • Anonymous says:

    I tested out the Antares for a weekend, but decided to stick with my Specialized Toupe that I’ve been using for the past 3+ years. If I needed a back-up saddle, the Antares would work really well.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have all 3 saddles on 3 different bikes and the new Antares is best of the lot, check my blog for extensive reviews and comparisons.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been riding the Arione on two bikes for two years now (one team CX, which seems to feel a bit stiffer, the other regular). It was my saddle of choice, but I have felt after a few years that it does tend to concentrate all the pressure on a single 1″ spot right in the middle, which gets incredibly uncomfortable on long rides. The range of motion one has on the seat is a plus, but I find myself shifting around on it just to avoid numbness/soreness.

    I picked up a slipstream Antares (kium, not carbon) and have been on two short (10 mi) rides with enough climbing to get some flex.

    Basing it on the measurements and positioning of my Arione (matching the angles and the wide points of the saddles, where i perceived my sitting area to be), it was incredibly uncomfortable at first, and I was feeling the wings dig in to my thighs (whereas the Arione’s gradually narrow design makes it almost disppear). I had to drop the Antares back about 5mm, then dropped the nose by about 1-2 degrees (had to move it around a bit, so I am not sure). After that, it seemed to establish the “hammock” center of balance one feels when positioned properly in a saddle, not slipping forwards nor backwards. So, I mention this because certain adjustments need to be made for a fair comparison between the two…

    So far I’m very impressed with the saddle. When in the drops, the flex in the saddle makes it seem as if the cushioning rolls forward with you (see Clive’s review linked above — he mentions this too). It also catches my bibs a lot less than the arione does after a standing climb, which was a major annoyance about the Arione.

    Anyway, so far so good, I do recommend anyone with any gripes about their Arione to try this out.

  • Gary Goodspeed says:

    Well here’s the story. I ride a Cervelo S2 and the stock seat was a Sella Italia SLR Gel. VERY minimal and I’m not at all sure wear the “Gel” is exactly. I tend to ride longer distance races 200 miles plus and the seat wasn’t working for me. I researched and found the Fizik Aliante with it’s ultra plush padding and wonderful reviews. I happen to know the owner of Rattlesnake Lake cycles AND he happens to be a Fizik dealer. After talking to him he offered me his test seat and told me that as long as I was going to try the Aliante I should go ahead and try the Antares as well. I put the Antares on and rode for four days indoors on my trainer tweaking it during and after every ride. At the end of that time I took it out and rode a hard 40 mile ride with a little bit of everything. During that ride I made one stop to make a final adjustment. The seat was great. After that week I switched to the Aliante (The seat I wanted). Long story short….I never got it right. Nose up, nose down, forward, backward, up and down. Nothing made the seat comfortable and so after two weeks I went and purchased the Antares. What can I say, I works for me. One man’s ass couch is another man’s torture rack. Take advantage of the Fizik test seat program and try them out. See what works for you and your behind. Good luck.

  • BB says:

    Great review. Du you know how the Antares compares to the SLR in the height departement?

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