FLECTR 360 bike reflector has 360-degree visibility

Could this new product make it cool to have reflectors on your bike?


FLECTR 360 Bike Reflector

From the bright ideas department (literally) comes the new FLECTR 360, a bike reflector with 360-degree visibility. Obviously most of us don’t ride with reflectors (at least not the cheap plastic ones that come affixed to new bikes). But the FLECTR 360 might change that stance.

The FLECTR 360 was designed to combine style, safety, and high reflective performance. The arched profiles of modern bike rims offer the perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector, as there are multiple plains for reflection. The two-piece FLECTR 360 wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps onto the rim vertex. The result: a gap-free reflection and a strong beam of light radiating in all directions to increase rider safety. Press play to learn more.

The FLECTR 360 is made from a formable reflective film and a customized adhesive that’s claimed to bond with any rim material and shape. The razor-thin material was tested under tough environmental conditions for more than one year. FLECTR 360 is immune to dirt and environmental influences. Hit by any source of light thousands of metalized cube-corner prisms ensure high reflection.

FLECTR 360 Bike Reflector

Mounting is also easy. After cleaning the mounting area from dust and grease FLECTR 360 just has to be pressed onto the rim surface at room temperature.

Learn more at www.flectr.bike

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  • Matt says:

    Reflective tape hardly seems revolutionary, but the video does make them look very bright. (I didn’t notice hard shadows being cast by lights being aimed at the wheels in those shots.)

  • BNystrom says:

    This looks to be nothing more than SOLAS reflective tape that’s been available for decades. What’s supposed to be special about it?

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