Goodyear Rolls Out New Tubeless Tires

New tubeless tires and fitment guides for safe tubeless tire and rim combinations

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Goodyear Bicycle Tires is expanding its road tire line with affordable tubeless models.

Goodyear Bicycle Tires launches tubeless road tires.

Goodyear Bicycle Tires is expanding its road tire line with affordable tubeless models, three of which feature the company’s new Tubeless Complete technology. Best of all, the new tires come with refreshingly affordable price tags.

Goodyear’s Tubeless Complete Technology 

Unlike many tubeless-ready tires, Goodyear’s Tubeless Complete line of tires are designed to hold air without the need for sealant, though sealant is still recommended to seal small punctures. This additional inner layer does come with a small weight penalty, though weights are still competitive with other top-end offerings.

Goodyear took note of the many frustrations riders have encountered with tubeless road tires and designed its tubeless tires to be easier to install and able to be inflated using a handpump.


The extra lip on Goodyear's new road tubeless tires creates an air-tight initial seal.

The extra lip on Goodyear’s new road tubeless tires creates an air-tight initial seal.

The new tires feature a dual angled bead that, according to the company, provides a better initial seal against the rim bed during initial inflation while also providing superior air orientation at full pressure. Goodyear’s tubeless road tires are compatible with both hooked and hookless tubeless road rims.

Goodyear’s Tire, Rim and Air Pressure Guides

Along with the launch of its new tubeless tires, Goodyear is publishing guides to help riders sort out which tire and rim widths are best paired together and maximum pressures for each tire width. This is especially important as more riders gravitate toward tubeless tires. The high-pressures used in road tubeless requires tighter tolerances and more attention to detail when pairing tires and rims.


Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport

The Supersport is a light-weight race-day version of the company’s flagship Eagle F1 tire. According to Goodyear, it’s 10-percent lighter than the Eagle F1. It uses the same Dynamic:GSR rubber compound and the same R:Shield anti-puncture belt, but it’s narrower on the SuperSport. The tread cap is also narrower to shave grams. The claimed weight is 280g for the 700x25c version. Pricing is set at $65.

Goodyear Eagle F1

The Eagle F1 was introduced with the company’s tire launch in 2018. For 2020, it’s available a Tubeless Complete versions.  It shares the same technologies with the F1 SuperSport, but with a wider tread cap, with a size-specific R:Shield, and more siping on the tread cap shoulders for better grip in the wet. Goodyear offers the Eagle F1 in tires ranging from 23c to an ultra-plush 32c. The claimed weight for the 700x25c version is 275g. Pricing is set at $65.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

The Vector 4Season is a new addition to the Ultra High-Performance. These training tires feature additional anti-cut bead-to-bead protection and feature a rubber compound designed for durability. They are available in tubeless and tubed versions. Goodyear offers the 4Seasons in widths from 23c to 32c. The claimed weight for the 700x25c version is 290g. Pricing is set at $70 for the tubeless version and $65 for the tubed variant.

Goodyear Eagle Sport

While tubeless-tech dominates the launch of the other tires in Goodyear’s line, the Eagle Sport is a new tubed tire that focuses and durability and an attainable price point. The Eagle Sport is a 60tpi road tire offered in 25c to 32c widths. It retails for just $30.

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