Handmade Show: Lundbeck Rad Dad SS

Cross North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Go Geared or Singlespeed in a Snap with the Rad Dad SS from Lundbeck at NAHBS 2014

Lundbeck at NAHBS 2014. © James Thomas

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Max Lundbeck is an engineer with a background in manufacturing, and he has come up with an innovative convertible geared or singlespeed cyclocross frame in the form of his steel Rad Dad SS build that he showcased at NAHBS. There are other bikes that use modular dropouts to allow either geared or single speed builds, but Lundbeck’s design can be switched from one to the other very quickly and easily. That means a rider could race his or her category on a geared bike, and then race singlespeed shortly after on the same bike—truly a do-it-all machine!

Go from singlespeed to gears in a snap with Lundbeck’s NAHBS 2014 ’cross bike. © James Thomas

The pictures show the parts necessary to make the transition. The rear derailleur cable has a quick connect coupler brazed onto the seatstay. In order to convert from singlespeed to geared, the rider just switches the right dropout, with derailleur and partial cable attached, and makes the cable connection. Two different chains are needed (with quick connect links) but other than that, everything needed for both configurations stays on the bike.

While there is no MSRP on the bike, a Lundbeck base frame runs $1750 and includes custom geometry, Columbus tubing, stainless dropouts and powder coating by Spectrum Powder Works.

Perfect for racing singlespeed in the morning and age group in the afternoon. © James Thomas

For more information visit lundbeckcycles.com.

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