How To: Clean your cycling shoes

Pour some warm soapy water in a bucket and get to work

How To Shoes
Take out soles and stuff with newspaper to speed drying time.

Once you’re done cleaning (after watching the video below), remove the soles and stuff with newspaper to speed dry time.

The No. 1 rule for keeping your bike running well? KEEP IT CLEAN! Same goes for your cycling apparel, including those expensive carbon-soled shoes you slip on before each ride. But what’s the best way to clean a pair of cycling shoes? Grab a bucket, some warm soapy water, a sponge, and soft bristle brush, and check out this How To video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

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  • Seven says:

    Why wipe them down at all? Why not just run a rinse on them then go straight to scrubbing with soap? Thank you for sharing the info.

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