How To Lose Weight Like A Professional Cyclist

Team Sky's head of nutrition shares secrets of Tour de France winning squad

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How To Lose Weight Like A Professional Cyclist

Team Sky once again was the big winner at the Tour de France, taking the overall individual and team prizes.

Methods of weight loss have been discussed for decades. In this video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network, high protein and restriction of carbohydrates are the key methods discussed by Team Sky head of nutrition Dr. James Morton. According to Dr. Morton, the best weight loss approach is slow and gradual, with no more than 3 pounds lost per week, and more protein than usual and less carbohydrates than usual. If you have a big day on the bike it’s important to fuel sufficiently for it, but if you don’t, don’t overload with fuel. Combine this with training and racing, and cyclists can attain a higher power-to-weight ratio, the holy grail in cycling. Press play to learn more.

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  • scott 2 says:

    Hi guys,
    Great video, as always, very informative. I’m a big proponent of quality fats, as much, or more than protein. Avocados, quality coconut & olive oils, organic nuts & seeds etc. Of course these also have some protein in them.
    Since I’ve become for ketogenic, (primarily a fat burner), I have more sustained energy, and don’t need to eat as often. Of course it’s good to have fast digesting carbs on hand, when needed.
    cheers, Scott

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