How To: Make your bicycle frame look new again

Elbow grease — and the right polish — can regain that showroom look

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How to: Make your bicycle frame look new again

Choosing the right polish makes all the difference.

If you’re like a lot of cyclists, you love to keep our bikes clean and shiny. To take your bike cleaning to the next level, our friends at the Global Cycling Network are here with some great tips and tricks. Press play to learn more.

When polishing your bike, you need to first of all make sure that your bike is absolutely spotless. So give the bike a good, deep clean first. If you’ve got a gloss finish frame, think about using Carnauba wax. It is an extremely hard-wearing and durable wax, meaning your bike will stay looking good for a long time.

If you’ve got a matte frame, don’t use a solid wax, as it will damage the finish of the frame, stopping it looking matte. Instead use a thinner, liquid wax that will preserve the matte look of your frame.

How to: Make your bicycle frame look new again

Don’t use solid wax on a matte finish bike.

When polishing your frame, take off as many parts from your bike as you can, ideally just down to the frame and forks. This will enable you to work the wax into all the hard to reach areas of your bike. Finally, to stop your frame getting scratched, apply helicopter tape to any vulnerable areas of the frame.

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