How To: Ride sand or any loose surface (video)

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Sand sections are one of the biggest challenges in cyclocross, requiring a deft mix of power, finesse and a little bit of luck. And while you may not encounter beach-like conditions on every ride or race, the skills required to ride sand are transferable to nearly any loose surface conditions. Check out this How To video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network for some tips and tricks that will help ensure your next encounter with sand is successful.

10 Tips For Riding Through Sand or Other Loose Surfaces

1. Enter sandy or loose sections as fast as possible to maintain momentum
2. Shift weight back to un-weight the front wheel
3. Pedal continuously, which helps keep bike tracking straight
4. Use a tougher gear and lower cadence to maintain torque
5. Keep hands on hoods so you can quickly down shift if momentum wanes
6. Grip bars loosely and let the front wheel find its own way
7. Let the bike move underneath you
8. Seek out ruts, which are likely the hardest (and fastest) surface
9. Stay in the rut; don’t try to steer out or you may wash-out the front wheel and crash
10. Don’t be afraid to get off and run when you loose speed

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