How To: Service your Mavic freehub

With just a little effort you can have your wheels spinning freely again

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Next add just a small amount of oil.

Just a small amount of oil applied to key spots can make a world of difference.

Servicing a freehub is a fairly simple job, yet one many cyclists don’t do. The result are wheels that don’t spin completely free, which means wasted energy while out on the bike. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead follow along with the gang from the Global Cycling Network to learn the basic steps of servicing a Mavic freehub. The same principles apply to most other hubs on the market. And if you have tips about getting this job done, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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  • Der Stafan says:

    Set the wheel flat on a large work cloth non-drive side down. Slide the free hub off with one hand while cupping the area with your other hand just in the unlikely case the pawls spring off. Likes to be done on my ’07 Ksyriums every 1000-1500 miles or so. I have been using regular mineral oil from a drug store for many thousands of miles and seems to work fine. Some of you will feel better paying more for a brand name, and that’s fine too.

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