How To: Set up DIY cyclocross tubeless (video)

Potentially the perfect set-up for off-the-beaten-path rides

How To
Start by building up the rim bed surface with electrical tape. This also seals the spoke holes.

Start by building up the rim bed surface with electrical tape. This also seals the spoke holes.

The benefits of tubeless tire set-ups are well known. Lower pressure, fewer punctures, better ride. But making a wholesale investment in new tubeless-specific equipment is a bridge too far for many. And unless you’re trying to set up a dedicated cyclocross race bike, it may be unnecessary. Indeed, if you’re simply looking to create an alternative wheelset that can be run at middle pressures (roughly 50-70 psi) for those days when you want to ride gravel roads or even light-duty trail, DIY tubeless may do just fine. With that in mind, here’s a primer from our friends at the Global Cycling Network on how to set-up DIY tubeless. Please just remember that we strongly advise you don’t try to run super low pressures (anything under 40 psi), as you risk blowing the bead off the tire. Same goes for high pressures (roughly above 70 psi), when you’ll need to opt for a true road tubeless set-up.

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  • Tony says:

    I prefer Gorilla Tape vs. Electrical tape. I think you have a more secure adhesion and the tape will be much stronger. I used the Gorilla tape method on a mountain bike and it has been excellent.

  • boogie says:

    what is the minimal pressure with this method?thanks

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