How To: Shaving your legs versus waxing

When it's time for that spring clean-up, which method is better?

How To
Shaving Vs. Waxing

If you can put up with the pain, waxing does a very thorough job.

If you’ve ever shaved your legs, you already know what a pain in the butt it can be. The path from fully furry to baby bottom smooth is no easy job. Razor burn, rash, not to mention time required all make it an unenviable task. So what about that other method, waxing? The brave crew from the Global Cycling Network took a trip to the salon to see if there really is an easier way.

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  • joe says:

    Stick with shaving because of expense….are you *sure* it’s not due to the pain??

  • Thomas says:

    Shaving hair doesn’t change its thickness, color or rate of growth. Waxing or pulling the hair out by the root can or will over time. Shaving does not affect or damage the root.

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