How To Train For Climbs When You Live Nowhere Near Them

Empty roads, gravel riding, indoor training, and sweetspot intervals will help

How To
How To Train For Climbs

Just because there are no high mountain climbs near your home doesn’t mean you can’t get ready to tackle one.

If you don’t live near the mountains how do you train to ride up them? It’s a conundrum many of us face. Ex-pro cyclists Dan Lloyd and Simon Richardson are here to help address the issue in this video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

Long climbs force you to ride hard for extended periods of time, as there is no freewheeling or chance for a break. So how do you get ready for these non-stop efforts? Here are five helpful tips.

  • Find a long road with no interruptions like traffic lights or junctions and ride consistently hard, keeping the power on the whole time.
  • Try gravel riding. That’s right, gravel riding. No traffic, no junctions, and the extra resistance you face when riding can mimic the resistance felt when climbing.
  • Train indoors. There’s no risk of interruption and smart trainers can even mimic steep gradients or allow you to replicate hilly routes.
  • Add extra resistance. We don’t advise riding around with your bearings fully tightened or your brakes locked on, as that’s not good for your equipment. However, try riding into a headwind as it’s a good battle and you produce a lot of watts at a lower speed. You can also try wearing a baggy jacket with a hood on it to catch the wind.
  • Try sweetspot training, which is the ideal training zone you should be riding in when prepping for hills. The sweetspot zone is 83-97% of your functional threshold power and will allow you to repeat the training sessions on back-to-back days as it’s designed to build endurance.

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