How to train like a professional cyclist

The golden rule is consistency. Be structured, have a plan, and apply yourself

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How to train like a professional cyclist

Training methods and styles have changed massively in the last few years. To learn more about how the pros get into and stay race ready, the gang from the Global Cycling Network caught up with coaches and riders from the Cannondale-Drapac team to find out how they train.

Turns out every rider on the Cannondale-Drapac team has a coach who prescribes them a training plan. TrainingPeaks software is used to track all of the racing and training data where it is used to help plan racing schedules for each rider. This can be monitored daily. There is also a traffic light system in operation for the riders, where it displays if riders have achieved what they’ve been set by the coach.

Various acronyms are used to talk about training results, including TSS – Training Stress Score, CTL – Chronic Training Load, and TSB – Training Stress Balance.

How to train like a professional cyclist

These acronyms and results are used by team coaches to see how hard a rider has worked out. They can be looked at individually to see the results. The dashboard on TrainingPeaks also allows coaches and riders to see ongoing trends and anything that needs addressing can be done so. The golden rule is consistency. Be structured, have a plan, and apply yourself. Working with a coach is also advised, as they are able to make sure you remain committed.

If there was one training session that has been really effective for riders, it’s the 40/20 session. This is a 12-minute training block that is 40 seconds at 120% of threshold and 20 seconds rest. This can be repeated a number of times. Some professionals do this session 3 or 4 times during a ride.

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