How To: Wash your bike quickly and/or thoroughly

Two very distinct approaches to cleaning your bike

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A clean bike is a happy bike.

You hear it all the time. The no. 1 way to keep your bike running smooth and trouble free is simply to keep it clean. Drivetrains work better and last longer when they’re sparkly, not speckled with grit and grime. Same goes for brakes and brake tracks. But what’s the right way to clean your bike. For a little advice, we turn to the gang at the Global Cycling Network, who take us through their ultimate 5-minute and 30-minute bike wash routines.

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  • Matt says:

    WD-40 !!!!

    I like the degreasing technique… but I just don’t believe you that it works as a lubricant as well.

    • brian Curwick says:

      WD40 is a better cleaner and water displacement product, it is excellent!
      And it initially lubes well but evaporates…. uses a more viscous petroleum based lubes after the WD40

    • Richard says:

      in my experience,WD40 works as a short term lube ie, for one ride alone. As said in the 5 min cleaning video, cleaning is done after every ride so WD40 isn’t expected to last long. Personally, wd 40 is used to clean grease while finish line wet lube is for lubing purposes.

  • tom says:

    I’m with you bro’
    lube with basic wd40 type oil before every ride, then degrease and wipe-down afterwards … works like a charm and saves me tonnes on flashy lubes. admittedly I do ride in the canaries mostly so it’s more of a dust issue than a mud one … but can totally say it works for MTB here and likely on road bike anywhere. bike hack!

  • Bad move from the get go…..water shouldn’t ever touch a bike, just isn’t necessary. It will get into the bearings sooner than later. A damp cloth will clean everything.

  • Stefan says:

    I want to see how to clean the bike in an apartment. I do it in a bathtub that is way too small for the bike and it takes me around 1:30 h, including bathtub cleaning. Anyone found a better and faster alternative?

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