Hutchinson Debuts New Road Tubeless Tire Options – Galactik and Intensive 28

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Hutchinson, leader of road tubeless tires, will be adding two new tire options to their lineup later this year. In addition to the Atom, Fusion 3, and Intensive, Hutchinson will be adding a tire at the both ends of their current offerings. First is the Intensive 28, a tire that was originally developed for use by Hutchinson sponsored pro teams racing Paris Roubaix. Available only to their pro tour teams for several years, the Intensive 28 will now be available to the public. The Intensive 28 is a dual compound wider 28mm tire that should be an excellent tire to stay comfortable over varied road surfaces, like the pave of Northern France. Intensive 28 weighs in at 295 grams with a retail of $99 MSRP and are Tubeless Ready. Tubeless Ready means the tire has the tubeless bead that’ll lock into approved tubeless rims, but the tires are manufactured with a standard casing. Lacking the butyl layer found in full tubeless tires, tubeless ready tires require you use sealant. Hutchinson offers their Protect’ Air Max sealent which is good for 4 wheels on the road side, two on the mtb side, if you swing that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, is the Atom Galactik tire, a sub 250 gram road tubeless tire that bridges the performance gap between tubulars and clinchers. All the benefits of the current Road Tubeless technology in a lighter and faster tire. In Hutchinson’s own testing, the Galactik surpassed the performance of their Pro Tubulars, proving to be 6% more efficient than the $200 per tubular tire of choice of Lance Armstrong, during his 7 Tour de France victories. Hutchinson believes the days of tubulars are numbered. “We truly believe this is the future of the road tire, because its twice cheaper than a tubular, it’s much easier to mount, and has surpassed security because of the locking bead that locks into tubeless rims.” Said Kevin Buchet, Hutchinson’s Sales and Marketing Manager, “Also with the comfort of the Atom Galactik, there’s no longer any reason to run tubulars.”

The Galactik is lighter than a lightweight tire and tube, coming in at just 245 grams in the 23c size. Though half the price of the Pro Tour Tubular, the $109 price tag is still on the high end of tires. That’s because of the very stringent quality control effort at the Hutchinson plant in France. Every single tire produced, comes off the mold and is mounted, aired up, put into a dunk tank checked for any air escaping, taken out of the tank, and hung for 24 hours to make sure each tire conforms to the strict standards of Hutchinson. If a tire does not pass the test, it’s deemed defective and tossed out. “This ensures that every tire that hits retail shelves is 100% in good quality.” said Buchet.

Both tires will be available this fall.

Richard Goodwin of Hutchinson gives us a brief overview of the two new tires…
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  • Dimitris says:

    This is great news. Yesterday was the first day I run atom / fusion3 (front/rear) with sealant. Tubeless tire has been much more forgiving on road anomalies that clincher/tube set (michelinpro3, 4000s). Also cornering I found out to be better. In general, I think I m into tubeless era for good. THe only cons is weight, so new atom is great news. What about making a tubeless ready Atom??? I think it could be same weight, but then you have the sealant inside…

  • MartinF says:

    I cannot see the point of announcing the coming of some great tubeless tires and then it is not to get anywhere.. …I have been looking for Hutchinson Intensive 28 mm, Hutchinson Piranha cross 700×35 and Hutchinson Bulldog cross 700×35 all around sites in Europe and they are nowhere to buy, can anyone tell me where to bye any of the mentioned tubeless tires thanks a lot. And a good advice to Hutchinson,do check your (lack of) distribution of your products.

  • Michael says:

    Just got some Secteurs. Though I have 4 sets of tubeless road wheels, with Intensive, fusion 3, and atom tires that are working great, I cannot get the Secteur’s to hold air. They go on easily, inflate with my floor pump, but go completely flat overnight. I’m using Stan’s wheels, tape, valves, and sealant which has worked great on this very set of wheels with their other tires. I have no confidence in these new tires at this point.

  • Jordi says:

    Hi Michel
    I have the new Sector 28 in my 29″ Stan’s MTB rims (Arch non EX) for road use.
    Inflate with compressor and a lot of Stan’s sealant, any problem, some control of pressures every week only.
    I’m weight 275lb and 80-85PSI are perfect

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