Is the Tour De France ready for disc brakes?

Emerging road braking standard being adopted everywhere except pro level

Disc Tour de France
The pro peloton remains one of the last holdouts to technology that's been the norm in the mountain bike world for years.

The pro peloton remains one of the last holdouts to technology that’s been the norm in the mountain bike world for years (click to enlarge).

It’s been several years since disc brakes emerged as a viable way to slow down road bikes. It was roughly 2013 when we first saw the cycling industry begin to fully embrace the standard that’s been the norm on mountain bike for years, with both bike makers and component giants SRAM and Shimano launching into the disc brake arena. Heck we’ve even been through one major disc brake recall. Yet, at the sport’s highest level, there’s still hesitation. A year ago we heard talk that disc brakes might be introduced into the pro peloton on a limited basis this year. But that’s yet to materialize. So what’s the hold up? And could disc brakes work in a race such as the Tour de France. Our friends at the Global Cycling Network investigate with some real world testing.

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  • PretentiousDorkOnBike says:

    Once they have a std size for the wheels for the pros to use AND create a UCI approved (bribe money given to UCI) list with disc edges rounded to an approved radius, then maybe.

    There will still be many that will scream “get off my lawn”, but there’s always those.

  • Jono says:

    Rim brakes work like and are effectively a disc brake already! It is only because of the carbon fibre rims not working properly that the disc is mooted, but having a heavier braking system to accomodate a lightweight rim seems daft until you realise that the manufacturers can make shed loads from making us all change!

  • William Newson says:

    There are always those who oppose change, in the case of “disk brakes” is it an option that the UCI give a “one off” approval for disk brakes to be used in a major event? Then those with the decision making have something tangible on which to base their observations. If there is a benefit lets move forward rather than certain individuals just wanting to “piss on the post”

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