Just In: JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer

From Australia comes a trainer that is quieter than the rest.

What is it

JetBlack is an established Australian company that is entering the US shores with a more significant presence in trainers and eyewear.  This JB Z1 Fluid trainer is compact yet stable.  It features a unique ‘elastomer’ type roller that reduces noise and tire wear.

Price is $330 without the rubber mat or trainer block.

Why you want it

Winter is fast approaching and as much as you hate training indoors, it’s either that or stop your active lifestyle, eating and beer drinking habits. Showing up with bad legs and 10lbs overweight during the spring will just delay your maximum enjoyment of the sport.

JetBlack is here to offer you a compact solution that you can set up in the living room, while you catch up on your favorite Netflix series that you missed out on.  JetBlack comes with a mat to protect your floor or carpet and it is quiet enough that you can put your watts in without making the house sound like a wind tunnel.

Another benefit is, since the trainer interface with the tire is not metal, your tire is preserved and wear is much slower. There’s nothing worse than wearing out your nice $60 tires or having to put in another ‘trainer tire’ just to do some indoor training.

Video: Here’s the Jet Black trainer in action. Note that it’s quieter than normal trainers.

Is it all good?

The interface between the tire and the roller is finicky. Too loose and it will slip. Too tight and it will cause a lot of friction.  In this case, you don’t want the tire to slip since it will damage the elastomer roller.  So err on the side of tight and turn that knob 1.5 times after contact.

The flywheel is not a heavyweight at 2 kilos or 4.4 lbs.  The result is a pedaling motion that does not have a lot of coasting inertia.  The pedaling action may be choppy if you are not smooth or you change speeds a lot. Some trainers these days have 10lb. flywheels, so the wheel spins for a while even after you stop pedaling.

We’re hoping JetBlack will offer some flywheel add-ons or upgrades in the future.  Meanwhile, JetBlack offers the R1 aluminum rollers too as an alternative. Their roller is sturdy and folds flat for easy storage or transport.

From the Manufacturer

The JetBlack Z1 Fluid Hydrogel Trainer features progressive fluid resistance up to 900 watts for a workout that will test any level of cyclist. The Hydrogel Roller reduces noise By 55% and tire wear by 25-30% – great for indoor training at home.

JetBlack’s new SRS Smart Release System is a simple and secure way to quickly mount your bike on your trainer.

Adjustment is made at one side and a quick-release lever operates on the other, so once you have got your trainer set up for your bike mounting it is a breeze. And, the adjustment means if you have more than one bike – no problem, you can quickly set up for that one too.

Every new 2012 JetBlack trainer comes with a CD coaching session bundled in. This has been designed by an Olympic level coach to help riders get into a proper training session on their new trainer.

More coaching sessions can be downloaded from the JetBlack Coaching section of their website JetBlack Coaching.

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