LOOK 566 Urban: It exists, but will they sell it?

Just a mockup, but the actual 566 Urban looks similar and has flat-bar handlebars

Photo: Just a mockup, but the actual 566 Urban looks similar and has flat-bar handlebars

I managed to catch sight of a new product — on paper — that would represent a new direction for LOOK. The LOOK 566 road bike took the typically high-end LOOK and combined it with Taiwanese manufacturing to hit a lower price-point. It was still pricey at $2700 for a complete SRAM Rival bike, but it was definitely worth its price tag.

Now LOOK is thinking of taking that 566 road product and creating a new flat-bar LOOK 566 Urban. It makes sense for LOOK to choose this frame, as it’s the most comfortable carbon road frame they make. The 566 is designed with “X design” chainstays that give more suspension to the frame when you go over the potholes, and the flatter top tube also provides some vertical dampening.

What was most striking was the look of the LOOK: no logo, all black, with a light smattering of red pinstriping. I don’t have an image of the actual bike, but I’ve done my best to render it up here. There’s something ultra-cool about a bike that forgoes all badging. LOOK has done a lot with their latest frame designs to make them distinctively LOOK, so there’s no doubting when you see the bend in the top tube that you’re looking at a LOOK frame.

There’s one more detail I was able to find out: it will be outfitted with Tiagra components, which should shave off some of the sticker cost. There’s no word on the actual pricing, though it will undoubtedly be in the higher end of the urban market. Apparently LOOK is going to pitch these to dealers and see if there’s interest, but the chance of this coming out seems slim, at least with the market down like it is. There’s also the question of how much interest there is a carbon-fiber urban bike, but the same could be said for carbon-fiber mountain bikes, which is a market that LOOK has left its mark on.

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  • Anonymous says:

    It will look sweet indeed, like that flat bar Madone that was floating around Sea Otter.

    But carbon is probably not the wisest material for a urban/city bike. It will get gouged and scratched up when locked against meters and other bikes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of this, price would be the main concern for me.

    As for getting scratched up and gouged, I’m not sure at the price point I’m guessing these would sell for that anyone would leave it locked up against a meter. So I don’t think that’s all that much of a concern.

  • Anonymous says:

    If this bike isn’t marketed towards urban commuting where it’s gonna be locked up against a meter and such, then they shouldn’t call it “Urban”. It sounds like this is going to be a luxury commuter bike going from home to inside office during work.

  • Anonymous says:

    flatbar is a jerk

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