Mavic renews partnership with Tour de France

French cycling brand continues 40-year relationship of neutral service

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Mavic Nuetral Service

The iconic yellow neutral service cars will remain a familiar sight at the Tour de France. Photo by BrakeThrough Media

On the 40th anniversary of providing neutral support at the Tour de France, Mavic announced this week that the long-term partnership at the world’s most prestigious professional cycling race will be renewed through 2022. Mavic will continue to provide the highest level of neutral support at the world’s premier cycling race for the next five years.

Find out what it’s like to spend a day with Mavic at the Tour de France.

“The neutral support from Mavic represents the true ‘Saint Bernard’ of the race,” said Christian Prudhomme, director of Tour de France. “They have deep knowledge of cycling, and racing, which is essential for this service to be useful for all the riders and teams. Mavic technical assistance is constantly looking for solutions and innovations to improve this crucial and indispensable service for racing and, of course, the yellow cars and motorcycles match perfectly with the Tour de France.”

Mavic Nuetral Service

Moments such as this when a neutral service tech helped a rider with a bent derailleur are what defines the program. Photo by Tim De Waele

Bernard Millaud, President of Mavic added, “In 1972, the innovative idea of neutral support was imagined by Mavic owner, Bruno Gormand. After implementing the program at Paris-Nice the next year, the concept forever transformed the dynamics of professional racing. This partnership has helped build the essence of Mavic over the last 40 years. We are proud to have the confidence and recognition from the Tour de France to continue this story that unites Mavic to the world’s largest and most prestigious cycling event.”

Press play to go for a ride in a Mavic neutral service car.

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