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Nazare goes faster, Bura gets lighter

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Neil Pryde Nazare

The Nazare is Neil Pryde’s aero road bike. For 2017, it’s been heavily re-sculpted.

The Neil Pryde moniker is well known in the UK, but lesser so here in the United States. The company heritage dates back to the 1970s, when Neil Pryde, an Olympic sailor, began manufacturing sails. In the late 1980s, the company started fabricating carbon booms and masts for sailboats.

When the team couldn’t make it out to the water, they rode bikes. With 30 years of experience in aerodynamics and composite manufacturing, it didn’t take long for the engineering team to start talking about building their own bikes. They partnered with BMW Design Works on the initial models and in 2010 Neil Pryde launched its first bike.

Neil Pryde Nazare

By moving towards an integrated cockpit, Neil Pryde has found some free speed.

Nazare Aero Road

The Nazare is an aero road model. It’s been raced by both Team SmartStop and United Healthcare. For this model year, they’ve made significant revisions to the profile to help improve aerodynamic performance. It starts with the semi-integrated cockpit. The cables are still externally routed, which makes it easier to travel and maintain, but there’s still an aero benefit.

Neil Pryde Nazare

The headtube area has been reshaped.

The headtube has also been redesigned. The trend which was once towards bulkier shapes has shifted and the Nazare follows suit. It now has a much narrower center profile. The downtube is now fully truncated. In the past, the frame was truncated only towards the lower section of the bottom bracket.

Neil Pryde Nazare

The rear brake has moved from under the stays to the more traditional location.

The last major change is the rear brake has been moved from under the chainstay to a more traditional position. With the under mounted design, the brake was more difficult to service and they had to add additional carbon to resist flex under heavy loads. By moving it to the seat tube/seatstay junction, Neil Pryde found there was no negative effect on aero performance because the area is still shielded.

Neil Pryde Nazare

Interested in racing TT, you can flip the seatpost.

Other bits worth noting are that the bike ships with 25c tires, but there’s clearance for up to 28. The seatpost is also reversible. If you’re doing the occasional TT, you can flip it for a 15mm offset. The post also has accommodations for a Di2 battery.

Neil Pryde Bura

Bura is a proven race bike.

Bura Race Bike

The Bura is Neil Pryde’s thoroughbred race bike. It’s roughly 250g lighter than the Nazare and has won a US National Crit title. The team felt the bike was spot on in terms of stiffness, but that it was overly rigid. To help improve compliance, they made some small changes.

Neil Pryde Bura

Small changes to the frame layup and design helped improve overall comfort.

The fork shape was modified, the rear triangle receives a different layup, and they added an integrated seat post clamp. By integrating the clamp, the seat can flex slightly which adds comfort without sacrificing performance.

Neil Pryde Bura

The SL and standard version of the Bura share the same general design, but the SL is significantly lighter.

The frame is available in two different carbon trims. The SL is the flagship model. Claimed weight for a size large frame is an impressive 750g. A standard modulus carbon frame is also available. It weighs an extra 200g (950g total) but will save you $1,000. Both frames share the same tube profiles, stiffness, and compliance.

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