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“I like to win. But more than anything I can’t stand the idea of losing.” That’s the opening line in a trailer for a new documentary The Armstrong Lie from Sony Pictures. The two-hour film promises to go inside the depths of deceit that filmmakers call the greatest deception in sporting history. The Armstrong Lie opens in New York and Los Angeles November 8, with other cities to follow soon after. Have a look and tell us what your interest level is in the comments section below.

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  • Steve Doherty says:

    Its the American way, at least in professional sport. Lance was just a puppet in the entertainment called sport. Sure he was a dick, but so was Kobe, Tiger and Jordan, but Nike sold stuff, as did Trek and Oakley. Stick with little league if you want pure sport entertainment. Now we get entertainment from his fall. I hope the sport is cleaner now.

  • Jake says:

    Wow… forget The Conjuring. This is a real-life horror film!! =0

  • Jesse says:

    Lance Armstrong was very fun to watch. I don’t care what he put in his Cheerios.

  • Doug says:

    I wanna know if he is making $$ on the film
    if so I won’t pay as I am tired of giving this A-hole and his sponsors my hard earned money.
    BOYCOTT Trek/Nike

  • Todd Mc Fadden says:

    I WILL NOT watch the movie. WHY…because Lance will profit from the movie. This is just one more way for Lance to benefit from something he did…that is WRONG IN EVERY WAY!! The best thing that can happen…is for this movie to fail. If the movie fails…Lance fails, which is what he deserves.

  • Lee says:

    Can’t wait to see it. I’m so happy the guy finally got caught and that smug look and bullying demeanour has finally come unstuck.

  • len says:

    Everybody used the same doping. He still bit them all. I’ll watch the movie even though nothing new will be there.

  • Richard says:

    Lance is a narcissistic bully. He along with many riders lied about their doping, but unlike the other riders Lance used the courts to bully anyone that got in his way. I don’t deny that the pressures to win and be part of the team encouraged doping in this sport. I don’t really fault these guys for wanting to have a career in cycling and in order for them to compete with the other dopers, they too had to dope. What I can’t forgive is Lance’s persecution of people like Emma O’Reilly, who worked for the United States Postal Service cycling team. He publicly called her an alcoholic whore , sued her for libel and tried to make her life a living hell. He called the wife of cycling teammate Frankie Andreu a crazy bitch when she started making waves about doping on the team. As for the other athletes that doped, I have no animosity towards them as most of them did not try to destroy anyone that got in their way.

  • Jenno says:

    Lance is still the greatest rider the sport has seen! All of these people getting on his back couldn’t complete one TDF on a motorbike, let alone a push bike, EPO or not!!

  • DonS says:

    Lance is able to focus on a goal and then excel at almost anything he chooses. Unfortunately, one thing he chose was doping. Heroes fall hard–especially if they appear super-human and have a great following. His humanity does not excuse him– his choices were his own. But, I still think that if we could go back to all the Tours — and NOBODY had doped– he still would have won.

  • Roy Bloomfiled says:

    “Lance is still the greatest rider the sport has seen!”
    Are you like, ten? Eddie Merkx…google him, and get educated!

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